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Rio Labrado

Feisty warrior who has become the figurehead of Rossan-Valid's adventurers. Incredibly skilled with a spear, matchless in traveling hard terrain, and popular with the ladies. He embodies what the average person perceives as an adventuring Hero. His origin certainly do not help the rumors around his inheritance but Rio's easy-going personality doesn't mind the gossips.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adopted as a babe by a woodcutter couple who found him floating on the river in a damaged basket. Rio would retain the scars from this incident, but grew up fairly normally once patched up and fed. He grew up with the children of Almano in one of its many foster homes, those established after the Cataclysmic monster attacks that shook the region. His parents' job remained too dangerous for him to adventure outside the city to live with them in safety. As such training to become able to join his adoptive family became an obsession for the young boy.

At first scouted as a potential adventurer, Rio was adamant he would become a guardsman for the woodsmen of Rossan-Valid, or perhaps a woodsman himself. Eventually his skills became such that he was dared by his many friends to join an expedition into Carsil. Given the proximity of this task to his parent's outpost, Rio volunteered. The expedition was a resounding success. His exploits only grew from there and eventually Rio's skills and attitude shined over Alamano's Adventurer's Guild. An encouragement from his mother pushed him to stay with the monster slayers even though the assignements do not always involve protecting woodsmen.


Has small experience as a militiaman and guardsman on the walls of Almano from a very young age. A few impressive months of working freelance alongside adventurers. about three to four years of professional adventuring duties. He is currently assisting a personal adventurer detachment from Duke Gedric de Nostagi in preparation for an expedition deeper into Carsil than ever attempted.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rio is credited with personally impaling and killing a Spire-Beetle who had ventured outside Carsil. As well as slaughtering a high amount of Lykosors on the course of his duties.
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
547 AS 10 Years old
Light-blue, open.
Dark brown, short.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.62 m

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