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Proto Tower

An old tower, part of a ruined forward camp of the third Imperial century. Made with Earth Magic, the structure survived a great deal of damage from Carsil Forest's monsters but is now a nest for some of its simpler threats. The tower is one of the goals set by Demon Lord Mor Natar Beast-Seeker in his impending expedition into the endless woods.   The tower is founded upon a cliff-face overlooking a good chunk of the southern Carsil forest, perfect for observation and reducing the amount of fronts to face. Yet it was doomed to destruction given the lack of resources the camp faced. The few survivors who managed to retreat from the tower explain how it turned into a traphouse when a swarm of small monsters blocked the entrances. Should settlers rebuild the camp and tower, it is advised they prepare for the worst.


Contrary to Imperial buildings made of bricks, mortar and terracotta, Proto's Tower was fabricated with magically shaped rocks and a carefully plotted surge of hard dirt. More foccused on durability than appearance, the only clue to its allegiance is in the shape of its top that resembles the flat and colored rooftops of normal housing in Demon City-States.
Founding Date
Tower, Guard
Owning Organization

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