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Lawo Faïqrr

"Just because people can tear the land apart with their bare hands doesn't mean diplomacy up and disappeared. Right?" Lawo putting a General in his place.

  Lega Ambassador of the Feral Isles at the Imperial court. Always balancing on his hindlegs as if stretching from a nap. Quick-witted and gregarious, nothing can faze this experienced diplomat who keeps a smile on his face and hands on his back no matter the situation.
  A cunning politician, this aged beast-man worked ceaselessly to improve the conditions of Feralese slaves in the Empire, and even negotiated for the return of captured soldiers back to their home country. His work with his good friend, Demon Lord Vel Grao. resulted in the newest addition to the Velian Reforms.
Current Location
Year of Birth
513 AS 44 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Part of a litter of 5, a high number even with Lega fertility rates.
Yellow, squinty, cat-like.
Short black, trimmed mane.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black and beige.
1.72 m
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I can't thank you enough. Oh yes seriously I feel like if I don't thank you every morning from now on I'll offend the heavens with my hypocrisy."
"Haste makes for funny blunders yeah?"
"Why does nobody ever lies in this Empire?"

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