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High-King Henröh Raegürson


Henröh is the reigning High King of the Kingdom of Blunter. An impulsive piece of s*** who rose to the throne of Blunter via his lineage. Always assuming things. Hearing only what he wants. However, his cowardly nature allows him to know when beaten in an argument and retreat to brood in the safety of his walls.   If he doesn't like you, you could bring him the formula for immortality and he'd spit on your face without hearing you out. His stubborness nonetheless helped secure Blunter's neutrality in the political sphere. The Demon Empire and Fortern Kingdom struggle to find cause to, but even if they did Henröh reinforced the defenses of his Kingdom ever since his arrival on the throne. All in all, an assh***, but one Blunter needs.
Chaotic neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
533 AS 24 Years old
Current Residence
Dark blue, opened.
Short brown hair and cropped fringe.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, greasy.
1,20 meters
93 kg
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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