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City of Blunter

Capital of the Dwarven Kingdom of Lunt is a wonder among metropolises. The great city has half of its body nested in the stones of the mountain. Within a vast network of caverns are industries and residence that make the most of their underground conditions. Pickaxes echo with the sound of fresh metals, mushrooms grow in droves, and the finest blacksmiths craft wonders of warfare and utility that all races would kill for.


Population almost exclusively made of Blunterese Dwarves. Occasionnal Humans, Lega and Demons. Most other races work as Subjugators at the elocal Guild or as bodyguards for merchants.




Three arrays of low walls protect from monsters coming from the north in search for food.


Impressive ventilation system within the caverns. Great underground tunnels and rotundas carved into the rocks. Long sewers leading to the sea at the east.


Great mining facilities in the outskirt. Geothermal springs.


Moutain range, 700m above sea level. The vue to the East and the sea crashing at the moutain's feet is one of the most wondrous thing one can see (The 14 Sights of Orbido).

Natural Resources

Mushroom farms. Rocks and . Many metals and minerals are carved in the local mining complexes.
Alternative Name(s)
The Living Cavern
120 000 people
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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