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Stygian Bazaar

The Stygian Bazaar is the primary market district in Dancamort. Many of the market stalls occupy small boats anchored within the River Styx, while larger shops occupy the buildings that line its banks.  


  Below is an incomplete list of shops found within the Stygian Bazaar, as well as their notable inventory items.   All items, except for scrolls and potions, have a 10% added tax, which goes directly to the Company of Hades. Members of the clergy and friends of the church are exempt from this tax.   Items with an asterisk require official licensing from the Chain of Charon to purchase. Applying for such license requires a 500 gp fee and a thorough interview from notaries employed by the Chain. There is a minimum ten-day wait for such a license.  

Azerus Wands and Crystals

Azerus Wands and Crystals has been in the Azerus family for seven generations. Its current proprietor, Alma Azerus, is a middle-aged tiefling woman with an encyclopedic knowledge of crystals. She is known to accept gemstones and crystals as payment.

Blue Cove Scrolls

This tiny boat, painted bright blue from stern to prow, is filled to the brim with books and scrolls for sale. It is run by a Gnome named Djorothea Comm, the grand-niece of the influential archivist Dott Comm. An intelligent and resourceful wizard, Djorothea is known for being able to source rare and high-level scrolls easily upon request. In addition to the scrolls listed below, Blue Cove Scrolls has a ((9 - spell level)*7)% chance of stocking any given spell from the artificer, bard, warlock, or wizard spell lists.
  (accessories/magic general)-
    (mariner's supply)-

Second Fiddle Performer's Emporium

This small shop, located near the tunnel to the Grand Plutonia Casino, sells instruments, costumes, and other gear for performers and bards. It is run by Crispus Walz, a young dwarven luthier.

Stygian Armoury

The Stygian Armoury is one of the oldest shops along the riverside, recognizable by the massive armored breastplate that hangs outside in lieu of a sign. The shopkeeper is a halfling woman named Octavia Stonestep, a gray-haired former gladiator with a prominent battle scar on her lip.

Tryptich's Trinkets and Weaponry

The human triplets who run this barge are constantly bickering among each other, but their friendly competition leads them to stock a wide variety of items. They have a contract with Blackhammer Industries, selling imported magical weapons alongside ordinary weapons forged in the Dancamort Steelworks.
Market square
Parent Location

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