Misplaced Lighthouse

I've seen many an interesting location, but I'm pretty sure this was the first lighthouse I've seen in the middle of the woods. It wasn't marked on any maps and when I reported it, no one knew it was there in the first place.
— A snippet of Birki Kroon's travel blog
    Deep within the (forest name) is an odd sight no one expects to see on a typical hike. Hidden among the brush is a stand alone lighthouse that did not originate in Omari. It has no keeper and no apparent purpose. There are no records of anyone building it there and nobody knows how long it was in the forest before Birki stumbled upon it.    


  This building has a standard shape for a lighthouse. It's a cylindrical building that sits atop a square concrete base. There's only one door that leads to the interior. A metal staircase spirals up its length within connecting the ground floor with the upper section.   There's no attached house on its exterior. A hatch in the floor opens up into a basement where there's small living quarters. Within this room is a twin bed, small dresser, a desk, and several storage shelves.   The exterior is unique to more typical lighthouses. It's decorated with a pink and purple striped paint job. The front door is made from a light brown hardwood. A line of text is engraved onto its front, written in an unknown language. The interior is kept a simple white with no other flourishes.    


  Researchers are looking into this bizarre structure. Mages report that their linguistic spells cannot decipher the message on its front door. The entire building exudes a faint magical energy. No personal effects were discovered aside from the furniture.   Their best guess is the lighthouse was somehow teleported into Omari's material plane. Its original dimension is still unknown.
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Cover image: by Krzysiek


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25 Aug, 2022 20:44

Short and sweet article with a lovely heaping of mystery added on top! The simple descriptions of the lighthouse do wonderfully to contrast the weirdness of such a building mysteriously existing in the middle of a forest, with no record of construction or anything -- it's really well done :D

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25 Aug, 2022 23:51

Thank you! This was in the last batch of articles I sprinted to reach diamond. The idea was sitting in my brain for a while and I loved the sound of it, but when it came to actually writing it, articulating things was hard in a way. Was kinda grasping at straws a bit lol. Glad you enjoyed it~

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E. Christopher Clark
26 Aug, 2022 00:13

Came over here from Stormbril's "Reading Challenge" article and this didn't disappoint! I both want to and don't want to know more. My favorite of mystery!

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