Magic Grade Wands

Out of all the choices available for an arcane focus, I couldn't help myself and chose the stereotypical magic wand.
— An aspiring new wizard starting school at The Luminous University
  Wands are one of the standard images that come to mind when one mentions magic and arcane focuses. However, not any old twig or plastic rod will suffice. They need to meet quality standards and be produced by a licensed professional.    

Only the Best Materials

  These wands are constructed from a variety of things, so long as they fit specifications set by The Arcane Board. They must be sturdy, high quality, and proved as magic grade to facilitate the use of spells and abilities. Individuals who produce them are trained in identifying and sourcing the right materials for the job.   The wand quality and composition does not affect spell strength in any way. It is primarily for aesthetic preferences and to allow users to feel connected to their focus. Every wand is unique as they're made by hand and certain materials don't have uniform appearances. Their form is also changed over time in reflection of its user.    

Moldable Appearance

  Since wands are an arcane focus, their users attune to them and the item becomes useable only by them. An extra layer of customization occurs naturally over time the more the mage uses their wand. It is both a reflection of their character along with the type of magic used. Wands can change physically from this and also gain illusionary type effects.  

Examples of Physical Changes:

  • Adjustments in length
  • Adjustments in width or general thickness
  • Adjustments in color
  • The wand emits the user's favorite scent
  • Adjustments in overall shape
  • Examples of Illusion Effects:

  • A faint glow covers the wand
  • Thin flames swirl around it
  • Small rotating gears float around it
  • Sparkling runes extend from the wand, up the user's arm
  • The wand emits a jingle with each use


      Magic grade wands are made by Focus Crafters. They are constructed in secured workshops which are regularly inspected by the Arcane Board. The production of fakes or low quality wands is not tolerated.   First, suitable materials are gathered and prepped for the process. Then the crafter meticulously carves / shapes a length of material into the desired form and size. This is done by hand and the process has not been automated. Wands can be custom ordered beforehand or the buyer can visit a certified shop to pick one that calls to them.
    Arcane Focus
    Uncommon / Unique
    Varies based on materials

    Viable Construction Materials

  • Fae Touched Wood
  • Borialite

  • Cover image: by Krzysiek


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