Fae Touched Wood

"During a visit to Grandma's Closet I was absolutely stunned to find an item made from fae touched wood. It's super expensive and regulated. I've only ever seen it used in noble houses, important buildings, or memorials. I'm unsure if the owner was unaware or just didn't care. The small chest only cost 100 silver. I bought it while I had the chance. It will do nicely to store my unique trinkets." - Page from the journal of a collector titled Lucky Discoveries. 
    This rainbow swirled wood comes from a rare selection of trees in the Feywild. There is no one specific species. Any tree in the Feywild can have its wood transform into this material over time. It is usually a rare, spontaneous occurrence that has yet to be fully understood. Once magical properties were discovered, people were quick to try obtaining as much as they could. This angered local fae and made relations between realms worse. It took some time and negotiations to mend, even if only a little.   


With an influx of people raiding the Feywild for magic wood, utter deforestation was soon a threat. The arch fey of each seasonal court gathered to write up a list of stipulations. They handed it over to Agi's Scales and Omari's Unification Council. After a series of debates, they settled on a final agreement. Conservation laws were put in place to deter people from mindlessly chopping down all the trees in hopes of finding other magical ones. A select group of fae from the Spring Court were posted in many locations to keep an eye out for people trying to ignore the laws. Each year they take count of how many rainbow trees are present compared to the others. If numbers are high enough, anywhere from one to five trees are cut. The fae oversee the entire process. All profits go to them. Once processed and sold to Omari, The Scales, The Arcane Board, and Artisan's Guild collaborate on how to distribute the wood that year. 


An extraordinary sight awaits those who happen to witness the exact moment a tree becomes fae touched. Out of nowhere, a brilliant light bursts forth from the affected tree. It's nearly blinding. As the light fades, a shimmery glow coats everything. Over the span of an hour the shimmer fades away to reveal the now marbled, rainbow colored wood. The popular theory is that a surge of magical energy that built up over time, spontaneously released itself into a tree's root system. Myths were woven around this phenomena as well. Some believe it occurs when powerful fae finally die, thus releasing a flood of magical energy into the Feywild's soil. There have been a few instances of rainbow trees appearing after such deaths. It is not 100% proven, however. Others believe there may be a slumbering being deep beneath the earth in that realm. As it forever sleeps, it may release energy surges from random spikes in mental activity from intense dreams. 
Price: 525GP per pound    Other Names: Fairy wood, rainbow wood    -A plank of fairy wood-


This colorful wood is not only sturdy, but magically endowed as well. It's a hard wood that is perfect for furniture pieces and wooden statues. After transforming, it becomes weather and fire resistant. The wood has a faint honey scent. There appears to be a super fine, magical glitter embedded into the material. Small pieces can be used as a magic focus for spell casters.


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12 Dec, 2020 22:10

This is a very cool take on trees - and magical one at that! I really like how you embedded magical properties into them and described how coveted they are, and how it effects the Feywild.

~ Eliora Yona ~
12 Dec, 2020 22:11

The description made me feel comforted and warm. I wish for more to appear! Great job. ;)

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18 Dec, 2020 21:55

This is a very evocative article, I like the way the fae determine how many cut there will be year by year and the theories about the source of magic that creates them.