Focus Crafter

I enter my workshop before the sun rose, bag of fresh material slung over my shoulder. There is a back log of custom orders; this year's wizard classes were the largest I've seen yet. It looks like I'll be living at the shop this week.
    These skilled individuals produce Omari's supply of arcane focuses for the many mages who use them. Most work from high-tech workshops found within cities. There are a few who prefer a quiet environment in the countryside.    

Education and Training

  The bare minimum for this profession is a rigorous 3 year program through a certified trade school. The individual trains under a Master Crafter in their field. They must pass three exams: one written test on associated knowledge and calculations, a practical on gathering and processing a pre-selected material, and a practical in constructing a focus.   Once certified, the crafter is considered a beginner and will need to work with their mentor for a minimum of six months. If deemed satisfactory, the new worker can continue unsupervised and either stay associated with their first workshop or move on to run their own.   A formal education is not required, but would be beneficial in the long run. The Arcane Board offers tuition assistance for certified crafters who wish to take any magic courses at schools like The Luminous University.   Crafters are eligible for Master certification after five years of working. The board will administer another series of tests and take those scores along with an assessment of their overall work into consideration. Crafters can re-test once a year if they fail to achieve Master status.    

Job Requirements

  • Crafter certification
  • Must be able to work with their hands and posses good fine motor skills
  • Basic customer service skills
  • Can read measuring tools
  • Must be able to read and interpret blueprints and job sheets
  • Basic understanding of magic principals and how focuses work

  • Reasonable accommodations are available. Ergonomic chairs and work tables are present in all workshops. Crafters can pair with an assistant for resource gathering if needed.    

    Work Duties

  • Maintain a clean and safe workshop / perform daily cleaning tasks
  • Assist customers in either picking out a pre-made focus, or placing a custom order for one
  • Craft arcane focuses following Board standards and working from high to low priority
  • Develop new focus designs to send to the Board for approval before implementing
  • Acquire supplies and materials when needed either through gathering, trading with other crafters, or through approved suppliers
  • Type
    Craft / Arcane
    All Islands
    Specialized Trade School
    Magic Degree a Plus
    30SP / Week (Beginner)
    12GP / Week (Master)

    Products / Services

  • Magic Grade Wands

  • Cover image: by Krzysiek


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