Larynda Aleviir

I took over for an incompetent fool and raised morale on this ship tenfold. My staff are some of the best around.
    Larynda is the main captain of the renowned ship, the Flying Palace. After hearing about bad management from a close friend, she did whatever it took to replace the old staff. She now runs the ship with her husband acting as co-captain. Sailing is one of her passions. She does everything to ensure her passengers have a safe voyage.    

Physical Appearance

  Larynda is 5'6" tall with a heavyset build. Her muscles are toned from years of working on various ships. She has gray skin with darker gray freckles across her face and shoulders. Her hair is light pink, wavy, and reaches just past her ears. Larynda's eyes are pale green.    


  Despite her stern, hardened demeanor, Larynda is still a kindhearted woman. Everything and everyone she loves, she does so intensely. It may not be blatantly clear at first, but will be visible upon further inspection of her actions. She has a high integrity and always manages to gain the trust of her crew within a few days.    


  • Lumi Soup
  • Sailing
  • Stargazing with her husband
  • Traveling
  • Dislikes

  • Half hearted work
  • Beer
  • Unnecessary paperwork
  • Cold weather

    Early Life

      Larynda was born to two fathers; one a dark elf, the other a human. She is the eldest child with twin younger brothers. Her family lives in Port Prismo where her father worked as a deckhand for a fishing boat. She would always pester him about ships and the ocean. During his free time, he'd take her on short sailing trips.   Her elven father runs and owns an independent bookstore. He'd always gift her any new books with nautical themes. As airships became more prevalent, she also received modern books about them. Her brothers weren't interested in sailing and chose to pursue a magical education instead.
    Half Elf
    Dark Elf / Human
    Cis Female
    She / Her
    Cailean Dunaid
    Captain of the Flying Palace

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