Cailean Dunaid

When Larynda took her newest job, I was worried about how long we'd be apart. Those voyages were longer than her typical trips on the ocean. Then she asked me to co-captain with her. I couldn't refuse.
— Cailean
  Co-captain and loving husband, Cailean helps Larynda run a large luxury airship. He oversees half the staff and fills in for Larynda when she's too busy or ill.    

Physical appearance

  Cailean is 5'8" tall with a slim build. His skin is a pale blue and soft to the touch. He has white, curly hair that resembles a cloud. It's light, "airy", and appears to float a few inches above the top of his head. It always looks like a light breeze is gently tousling the locks.   He has wide eyes that are a solid color without a visible iris. They are a darker blue with light gray swirling in a continuous effect. He has a soft, melodic voice that can put anyone at ease.    


  Cailean is soft spoken and more laid back than his wife. He still takes his job seriously, but is better suited to dealing with other staff directly. Coworkers often choose to chat with him about anything ranging from work problems to personal issues or simply daily banter. His personality is well suited to assist the customer service staff with patrons.  


  • White wine
  • Lazy mornings in bed
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Dislikes

  • Rude customers
  • Red meat
  • Seeing blood
  • Getting lost

    Early Life

      Cailean was born to a human mother and father. They lived too close to an elemental plane portal during the pregnancy. This in turn resulted in him being born a genasi instead of a human. He was an only child and they loved him despite the weird occurance. The family lived on the outskirts of Coralview, close to the Lanton Forest.   He was an adventurous child, but was always afraid of getting lost and never seeing his parents again. Cailean would never leave the house without a reliable map, a friend or parent, or both. His favorite places to visit were the forest, the markets of Coralview, and the beach.
    Air Genasi
    Cis Male
    He / Him
    Co-Captain of the Flying Palace

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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