Fluffy Friends Farm

Oh my goodness, mom you wouldn't believe the adorable chickens I saw today! There was a whole rainbow of them. I even got to pet some! I've got to bring you with me next time you visit. The owners are lovely and I got some good quality produce as well.
— A phone call between a mother and daughter.
    Nestled in the countryside between Shimmerwick and Lake Orwell is a cozy independent farm. It is owned and operated by a tiefling man named Lunan and his human husband Florian. They are open year round and welcome all visitors.    


  This is a simple farm on a small scale. Located in the center of the property is the two story farmhouse. Behind the house are a couple fields for growing seasonal crops throughout the year.   On the western side of the yard there are spacious chicken coops and plenty of room for them to roam safely. On the eastern side are a few bee houses. Neatly arranged within the front are a few fruit trees and smaller flower beds.    

Quality Products

  Despite its size, Fluffy Friends Farm produces a variety of wares that most people enjoy. None of the Fey Chickens are not for sale (nor are they ever killed for food), but their unfertilized eggs are. Magic Eggs are available year round and are sold either individually or in numbered packs. They are packaged carefully due to their effects (and price).   Lunan also sells fruits and vegetables, honey, homemade soaps, and flowers. Florian enjoys knitting various pieces for sale as well. They are willing to participate in trades with other small / independent farmers or families who need certain items in return for stuff they do not produce like milks.
Year Built
Owned By
Lunan Kordi
Florian Oubre
  Lunan asks the party for help in figuring out who is trying to sabotage his farm.   Some chickens broke through the fence! Lunan would like help rescuing them before anything bad happens.

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