Magic Eggs

Good morning Foodie Friends! I just returned from a farm owned by the sweetest couple who raise super cute chickens. I've bought several peculiar eggs to try out in a recipe for enchanted muffins.
— A snippet from Essie Prixo's food blog
    These large chicken eggs come in a variety of colors. The shade dictates the effect it produces in either cooking/spells or from being thrown. These are always unfertilized.    

Physical Appearance

  Unless fertilized, all eggs have a smooth coloration with no speckles or other patterning. They are roughly 6 inches long with a 4 inch diameter at the widest point. Their shells are hard and sturdy. They also emit a pleasant floral scent.    

Color Coded Magic

  Each color of egg corresponds to a specific magical effect. A few produce something when thrown like a weapon. Most are meant for consumption. When used in baking / cooking, the egg will imbue the food with its effect.    
  • Dark Gray: Explodes when thrown or broken dealing 2D6 fire damage.
  • Light Blue: Gain water breathing for 6 hours.
  • Red: Gain 15 temp HP for 24 hours.
  • Light Gray: Produces a 5 foot radius of smoke when thrown.
  • Pink: Advantage for all charisma checks for 24 hours.
  • Green: Gain resistance to poison for 6 hours.
  • Orange: Gain fire resistance for 6 hours.
  • Purple: Gain advantage on all stealth checks for 24 hours.

    Hard to Find

      There is only one farm in Omari that raises the chickens who lay these eggs. The Fey Courts ruled that this was okay so long as Lunan didn't take any more birds from their realm. If anyone else is caught raising them, they are to be reported and dealt with. Otherwise one would have to find eggs from fey chickens in their natural habitat on their own, or convince a Feywild resident to buy theirs.
    Animal product / Magical
    Produced By
    Fey Chicken
    Lunan Kordi's Farm
    30SP per egg

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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    10 Dec, 2021 00:26

    Excellent article! Just one highly specific question: what if you dyed a dark grey one red and then fed it to someone to assassinate them? Would they blow up? Or would the egg blow up when they tried to cook it?

    10 Dec, 2021 00:40

    Ooooh, that would be a tempting assassination attempt hehe. But! The effect happens upon breaking the shell, so cooking those eggs would be BAD. xD (Which is why Lunan advises people watch where they step and they are super careful with handling.) Thankfully the shells are hard enough to resist at least a little force (say, you accidentally nudge it or something), but giving it a good throw or hard tap on the counter will definitely set it off.

    10 Dec, 2021 01:02

    Then again, as long as you give the egg too the target, and have *them* try to cook with the eggs, then they get blown up. (of course, most people who get assassinated don't cook their own eggs)   The fact that this plot was the first thing I thought of when reading about the eggs probably proves just how much of a DnD player I am lol.