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Lunan Kordi

I love my chickens! You can be rest assured they've been raised with the best care. Here on the farm, my husband and I treat them like family and do everything to ensure they're safe, happy, and healthy.
    Lunan is a male tiefling who lives on a farm with his husband. Together, they raise magical chickens who produce eggs with varying effects. They are located in the countryside between Shimmerwick and Lake Orwell.    

Physical Appearance

  He stands at 5'5 with a thicker build perfect for life on the farm. His skin is a dark tan covered in the occasional scratch or bruise. A pair of thin antlers grow from the top of his head. Lunan's hair is short, brown, and appears to shimmer in direct sunlight. His eyes are a solid color and have heterochromia; the right eye is a pale orange and the left eye is a dark brown.   Lunan has a short tail with a small tuft of fur covering its tip. His hands and fingers are covered in callouses and several faded scars. He has long pointed ears; the left one is damaged. Due to nearsightedness he needs to wear glasses, but often opts not to despite his husband's worry. He doesn't want to damage them doing work.    


  Despite his laid-back demeanor, Lunan still works hard and ensures his farm and chickens are well cared for. He loves entertaining visitors. It doesn't matter if they're friends/family or are there to check out the chickens or buy something. Everyone is welcome there (unless they are mean to his chickens or husband).    


  • Chickens
  • Gardening
  • Crafting
  • Drinking lemonade on the porch with his husband
  • Swimming
  • Dislikes

  • Animal abusers
  • Snow
  • Rude/ignorant people
  • Chasing a chicken around who escaped the property
  • Alcohol

    Early Life

      Lunan was born to an Elven mother who raised him on her own. He never knew his father nor received any information about him. His mother raised him to be respectable and caring to others. He was an only child and spent many days exploring the nearby woods and fields.   One Summer afternoon he stumbled upon a gnarled tree whose roots formed an archway above the ground. When he stepped closer, a portal appeared right before his eyes. His mother mentioned the Feywild a handful of times, but the beautiful imagery beyond the tree was too enticing.  
    I was frozen in place for several minutes as I knelt in front of the arched roots. My eyes sparkled with enchantment and any warnings from mother about such things were forgotten. I rubbed my eyes and blinked; the portal was still there. A pink chicken ran through the colorful fields and I wanted to pass through and follow it. Just as I was about to enter, my mother called from the house to come to dinner. I'd have to find a way back here someday.

    Chasing the Pink Chicken

      Ever since that day in the woods, Lunan spent time searching for another portal. He grew up with farm animals and chickens were his favorite. It was his mission to find another pink chicken and take at least a couple back home to breed and raise on his own.   At the age of 22 he finally accomplished his goal. While picking flowers for Florian, who was his boyfriend at the time, he caught a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. A faint sparkling glow came from the nearby trees. Lunan set down his basket in the yard and wandered into the woods.   Within moments he discovered another portal and did not hesitate to enter it this time. He found himself in the same field that appeared to him as a child. Off in the distance he spotted the magical critters. Lunan pulled out a bag of mealworms and carefully approached.  
    Thankfully this group of chickens was not far from the portal. I did not want to get lost and wander the Feywild forever. There was no sign of them belonging to anyone, so I figured it would be fine. I didn't need the whole flock either. Chickens love mealworms and it was fairly easy to lure two hens and a rooster back home with me. The portal was still open, but it did close once more after I brought my new friends to my house.
    Tiefling (Fey blood)
    Cis Male
    Florian Oubre
    Current Location
    (Farm Name)

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