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Renowned for its rarity, these enchanting creatures are seldom encountered and are always found in pairs, creating an ethereal and harmonious presence wherever they roam.   Characterized by their gentle nature, Unicorns exude an aura of tranquility and benevolence. Their presence brings a sense of solace to those fortunate enough to witness them, offering a momentary escape from the harsh realities of the landscape.   The Unicorn's most distinctive feature is its single, spiraled horn protruding from its forehead. This mystical appendage possesses extraordinary abilities and is believed to hold the power to cure diseases and purify water sources. The mere touch of the Unicorn's horn is said to bring healing and restoration, making these creatures symbols of beauty and hope and agents of benevolence.   Legends and tales speak of seekers embarking on quests to catch a glimpse of these elusive beings or, perhaps, to witness the miraculous effects of their healing powers.

Basic Information


The Unicorn boasts a physical design that embodies elegance and grace. Smaller and sleeker than a standard horse, its compact frame is adorned with a silky mane and tail that ripple with an otherworldly luminescence. The Unicorn stands on four slender, agile limbs, each terminating in a delicately cloven hoof that barely leaves a trace as it moves.   Its muscular structure is designed for speed and agility, with lean yet powerful muscles beneath a coat that seems to shimmer in the dappled sunlight. The Unicorn's skeletal framework is finely tuned to support its lithe form, allowing for fluid movements that reflect an innate gracefulness.   The most iconic feature of the Unicorn is its single-spiraled horn, which extends gracefully from its forehead. The horn, made of a substance that captures and refracts ambient light, adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the creature. Beneath its silken coat, the Unicorn's skeletal structure subtly reinforces the graceful arch of its neck, supporting the majestic sweep of the horn.

Genetics and Reproduction

The reproduction of the Unicorn, akin to its earthly counterpart, the horse, follows a process rooted in natural elegance and simplicity. Unicorns engage in a courtship ritual marked by graceful movement and vocalizations. During the mating season, pairs of Unicorns unite through shared movements and harmonious gestures, strengthening their bond before mating.   Once a pair has formed a connection, mating occurs, like in horses. The gestation period for a Unicorn is approximately 11 months, during which the female carries the developing offspring in her womb. This period is a time of nurturing and protection, with the pregnant Unicorn often seeking out secluded and tranquil spaces to ensure a calm and safe environment for the unborn foal.   As the gestation period concludes, the female Unicorn goes through the process of giving birth, usually in a secluded and sheltered area. The newborn foal, characterized by its smaller size and a gentle glow in its coat, quickly gains strength and coordination under the watchful eye of its mother.   Family bonds play a significant role in the Unicorn's reproductive dynamics, with the mother actively nurturing and guiding her offspring. The foal, born with a miniature, straight horn that gradually develops into the characteristic spiraled horn as it matures, grows under the protective influence of both parents.

Growth Rate & Stages

The growth of a Unicorn is a captivating journey marked by distinct life stages. The growth rate is accelerated compared to earthly counterparts, reflecting the magical nature of their existence.
  • Foalhood: The Unicorn begins its life as a foal, born with a straight and delicate horn that gradually gains its signature spiral as the foal matures. In this early stage, the foal is characterized by its smaller size, ethereal glow, and an inherent curiosity about the world around it.
  • Adolescence: As the Unicorn enters adolescence, the spiraled horn continues to develop, and the creature experiences a significant growth spurt. This stage is marked by increased independence as the Unicorn explores its surroundings and hones its innate magical abilities.
  • Maturity: The Unicorn reaches maturity in a relatively short period, characterized by the full development of its spiraled horn and the refinement of its magical attributes. At this stage, the Unicorn embodies the classic image associated with these mythical beings—graceful, wise, and radiating an aura of purity and beauty.
Throughout these life stages, the Unicorn undergoes physical changes and a deepening of its mystical connection with the ethereal realm. The fully developed horn becomes a conduit for the Unicorn's magical abilities, including the healing properties attributed to it in myth and legend.

Ecology and Habitats

The optimal environment for Unicorns is one of serene beauty, characterized by lush meadows, clear streams, and ancient woodlands. These mythical beings thrive in landscapes that evoke a sense of enchantment, where the natural world harmonizes with their ethereal presence.   Unicorns interact delicately with their habitat, often favoring secluded groves or meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers. These creatures have a symbiotic relationship with the land, contributing to the flourishing of the flora and fauna around them. The gentle touch of their hooves upon the earth is believed to leave a trail of blossoms, and the glow emanating from their coats adds a magical luminescence to the surroundings.   Unicorns are particularly drawn to areas with pristine water sources. They have a penchant for crystal-clear streams and serene ponds, where they might spend moments of tranquil reflection. The touch of their spiraled horn is said to have the ability to purify and revitalize water, leaving a trail of pristine pools in their wake.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Unicorn sustains itself through a diet primarily composed of wild vegetation.   Found in the meadows and woodlands it frequents. With a gentle and deliberate foraging technique, the Unicorn delicately grazes on various plants, including sweet grasses, herbs, and wildflowers. Its diet reflects a balance between the nutritional requirements for its well-being and the preservation of the natural beauty of its habitat.   The Unicorn's foraging behavior is characterized by a deep respect for the environment. It moves with a rhythmic grace, leaving minimal impact on the delicate flora it feeds upon. The touch of its cloven hooves is said to enhance the fertility of the soil, contributing to the vibrant growth of the plants it consumes.   While Unicorns do not store food in the conventional sense, their careful and considerate foraging practices contribute to preserving their preferred habitats. The very act of feeding becomes an integral part of the Unicorn's role as a guardian of the natural world, embodying the delicate balance between sustenance and stewardship in the enchanted realms they call home.

Biological Cycle

The biology of Unicorns is intricately attuned to the passing of time and the subtle nuances of seasonal changes, reflecting a harmonious relationship with the natural cycles of Terra.   Seasonal Changes:
  • Spring: During spring, Unicorns revel in the renewal of life. The meadows they favor burst forth with vibrant wildflowers, providing sustenance and an enchanting backdrop for their existence. The season is marked by abundant fresh vegetation, contributing to the vitality and well-being of the Unicorn population.
  • Summer: Unicorns seek shaded groves or cool streams to escape the warmth as summer unfolds. The longer days offer ample time for grazing and exploration. At the same time, their magical presence enhances the vibrancy of the summer landscape.
  • Autumn: In autumn, Unicorns display a reflective demeanor. The changing colors of the foliage and the crispness in the air coincide with a subtle shift in their behavior. It's a time when the Unicorn's mystical attributes may become more pronounced as if in resonance with the enchanting transformations occurring in the natural world.
  • Winter: The onset of winter brings a serene calm to the land and Unicorns retreat to sheltered areas or ancient woodlands. The snow-kissed landscapes accentuate the magical aura of these beings, creating a sense of ethereal beauty amid the stillness of winter.


The Unicorn exhibits behaviors that contribute to the harmonious dynamics within its species, as well as its interactions with predators and other predated species.   Members of its Species:
  • Social Bonds: Unicorns form close-knit social bonds within their pairs. The pairs, often found in serene meadows or hidden groves, engage in synchronized movements and vocalizations, reinforcing their connection.
  • Nurturing Dynamics: Older Unicorns often play a nurturing role, guiding and protecting the younger members of their kind.
  • Defensive Tactics: Despite their gentle nature, Unicorns are not defenseless. When faced with potential predators, they may exhibit defensive behaviors such as swift movements and using their spiraled horns as a deterrent. Their luminescent coats and the aura of magic surrounding them can serve as warnings of potential threats.
  • Magical Dissuasion: Legends suggest that the very presence of a Unicorn can dissuade predators. The magical essence emanating from these beings is believed to create an environment in which predatory creatures are reluctant to engage with them.
Predated Species:
  • Low Impact Foraging: Unicorns forage with a delicate touch, leaving minimal impact on the vegetation they consume. This considerate foraging behavior helps maintain the ecological balance within their habitats, ensuring the sustenance of the plant life that supports other species.

Additional Information


The Unicorn defies attempts at domestication. It remains a wild and free creature, inherently tied to the natural world's mysteries. Despite their occasional social interactions and displays of grace, Unicorns resist confinement and the trappings of human control. These mythical beings' elusive and independent nature is deeply ingrained, and any attempt to harness or tame them is met with a graceful defiance. Their magical aura seems to thrive in the freedom of the wild, and domestication would only diminish the enchantment that defines the essence of the Unicorn. As guardians of the untamed realms they inhabit, Unicorns continue to roam freely, embodying the unrestrained spirit of Terra.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The horn of the Unicorn, believed to possess potent healing properties, has unfortunately become the subject of an appalling and taboo practice within the world of Terra. Some individuals, driven by a misguided pursuit of magical remedies, engage in the harvesting of Unicorn horns for the creation of healing elixirs. This practice involves killing the Unicorn to obtain its prized horn.   The harvesting of Unicorn horns is met with widespread condemnation. It is considered a grave offense against the delicate balance of the enchanted ecosystems where these mythical beings roam. The act is morally reprehensible.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Unicorn possesses heightened senses that allow it to perceive the world with a depth of perception beyond the ordinary. Its hearing is acute, capturing the subtlest sounds in the surrounding environment. This keen sense aids in detecting potential threats or changes in its surroundings, contributing to the Unicorn's ability to navigate its surroundings gracefully and precisely.   The Unicorn's sight is equally remarkable, with large, expressive eyes that hold a spectrum of colors, offering an expanded range of vision. This heightened visual acuity enables it to see clearly even in low-light conditions, contributing to its ability to move effortlessly through varied landscapes.   In addition to its keen hearing and sight, the Unicorn possesses a mystical ability to perceive spirits and ghosts. Its connection to the ethereal realm allows it to sense the presence of these otherworldly entities, adding a layer of supernatural awareness to its already heightened senses. The Unicorn's interaction with spirits and ghosts is a testament to its magical nature, bridging the gap between the earthly and the mystical.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution


Type: Mythic
Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 1, Composure 4
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Resolve 4
Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Survival 3, Occult 3
Health: 15
Willpower: 8
Initiative: 9
Defense: 5
Land Speed: 18/36
Size: 7
TypeDamageDice Pool
Hoof 3b 8
Horn 1L 9
Danger Sense - +2 to detect ambush
Ghost Sight - The Unicorn can see ghosts
Spirit Sight - The Unicorn can see spirits
Purify Water - The Unicorn dips their horn into a body of water. Roll Comp + Occult. Each success reduces the potency of toxins or polution in that body of water.
Healing - The Unicorn must touch the target with their horn. Roll Comp + Occult. Each success heals one bashing or lethal Health wound (the rightmost wound on the Health chart is healed first).


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