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The Reindeer is a distinctive herbivorous mammal. It possesses a compact yet sturdy build, with a coat that varies in color from dark brown to grayish-brown, often blending with its snowy surroundings for camouflage. Both males, known as bulls, and females, known as cows, bear antlers, though those of the bulls are typically larger and more elaborately branched. Reindeer are renowned for their endurance and resilience in harsh climates, making them well-suited to survive in icy environments.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The Reindeer inhabits various cold and northern habitats across Terra, including tundra, taiga, and mountainous regions. It prefers areas with ample vegetation for grazing and browsing and access to water sources for drinking. Reindeer are highly adapted to harsh winter climates, where they can withstand freezing temperatures and deep snow.

Additional Information


The domestication of Reindeer in Terra has been achieved to a significant extent, particularly among communities in northern regions. Reindeer have been selectively bred and raised in captivity for various purposes, including transportation, milk production, and meat. Domesticated Reindeer are utilized for pulling sleds, carrying loads, and providing milk and meat for sustenance.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Reindeer are invaluable companions to the people of the eastern mountains and the northern regions. Domesticated Reindeer are utilized for various essential tasks, including transportation, pulling sleds laden with goods across snowy landscapes, and carrying heavy loads through challenging terrain. Their milk provides a vital source of sustenance for communities, especially during long winters when other food sources are scarce. Additionally, Reindeer meat offers nourishment and energy, ensuring the survival of people in these harsh environments.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution


Type: Mundane


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