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The Moose is a majestic herbivorous mammal renowned for its imposing size and distinctive antlers. It boasts a massive body with long legs and a humped back, giving it a formidable appearance. The male Moose, known as bulls, bear towering antlers that can span several feet across, while females, known as cows, lack these prominent adornments. Its thick coat varies from dark brown to reddish-brown, providing insulation against cold climates. The Moose is known for its solitary nature and is often found browsing vegetation in forested areas, where it feeds on various plants and shrubs.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The Moose inhabits various forested habitats across Terra, including boreal forests, temperate forests, and mountainous regions. It prefers areas with abundant vegetation for browsing, such as dense woodlands and the marshy regions near lakes or rivers. While adaptable to various environments, the Moose thrives in areas with ample food sources and suitable cover for protection against predators.

Additional Information


The domestication of Moose in Terra has not been achieved to the extent of other animals. Unlike species like cattle or horses, which have been selectively bred and trained for various purposes, Moose remains largely wild and unaltered by human influence. Their large size, solitary nature, and specific habitat requirements make them challenging candidates for domestication. While some attempts at taming Moose have been made in certain regions, they have not led to widespread domestication or significant utilization beyond occasional interactions with humans in captive settings.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Moose holds significant importance to the people of Terra, primarily as a valuable source of food and materials. Various parts of the Moose, including its antlers, hide, and bones, are utilized for crafting tools, clothing, and other necessities.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution


Type: Mundane


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