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WorldEmber 2020 Pledge


This is my first time participating in a WorldAnvil Challenge. I have tried building my world multiple times, deleted it multiple times, and tried again. At the moment, my world consists of written documents, word documents, notes on my phone, random drawings and doodles, and likely lost notes. During WorldEmber, I would like to attempt to make a consistent world from all my ideas and fantasies, and have everything in one place.

Update 12/31
For a little I was afraid I would not be able to reach the 10,000 words, but today, last minute, I managed. I suppose I am proud of the start I have made. I will definitely try and continue building this world. But maybe less words each month. Or maybe at least one article a month. Who knows. We'll see.

Planned articles

This list will be expanded upon during November, when brainstorming session result in more ideas.
  • Magic
  • Malevolent creatures
  • Repelling tree
  • Repelling stone
  • Garyiala
  • Religion of the Mother and the Father
  • Folk religion
  • "Lady with an Ermine"
  • Aureia
  • The Painted Lady
  • Ancient Mythology

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