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The tavern of Ashes

Nagataru don't pride themselves with taverns. They tend to be small and quite personal, as travelers are a rare occurrence. These taverns are enough to accommodate the locals, but nothing to talk about. However, once in a while, one manages to outshine the others.    


See these walls, these tables, chairs and even pillars? My father, grandfather and grand grandfather worked their whole lives on this. Every single thing you see here is soaked with blood and sweat of their hard work and determination.
-Hans the Determined, owner of the tavern
  The tavern built by 3 to 5 generations of carpenters, taking over 45 years to complete. The building process was interrupted or the structure completely destroyed several times. It is said that there was a strange disease in the family.
Everyone was constantly sick. Every single month at least one member of the family needed constant care, which, combined with injuries from raiding, slowed everything down.
The tavern itself collapsed several times due to the lack of proper structural integrity, or burned down, either because of an accident or a naturally occurring fire.
However, as time went on, the family improved, until they finally finished the building. From that day, it stands without any issues.      


  A grey stone foundation supports the 2 story tall building, about 15x20 meters in diameter. The dark wooden walls are finely carved with various cultural symbols, warriors, deities, plants and battles.
Two carvings, one of Valeria the torture mistress on the left and one of Vaross the blood lord on the right of the door, which leads to the candle-lit room.

6 round tables are spread across the room, around the 4 pillars holding the roof. The bar at the end of the room is stacked with mugs and barrels of drinks, ready to be served. A door leads into the kitchen, decorated with dried herbs and cooking utensils, with a stack of sacks and barrels of food and drinks for the next few days.
In the main room, there are stairs to the left, leading upstairs, where the owner and his family live. From the living room decorated with various paintings, hanged weapons and pelts, it connects to the two bedrooms, one for the parents, the other for their children.      

From ashes to popularity:

Love it. I make sure to visit whenever I get the chance to. I like the atmosphere and beer, but to be honest, we're all here to try to get a recipe for the Tapir soup. Hans married a great cook.
-Casper the All Seeing, sailor and a traveling merchant
  Built on ashes of it's unfinished predecessors, the tavern made quite the name for itself. The visitors occupy every table, drinking, playing games and talking, while listening to the music and watching the duels which anyone can take part in.
Hans the Determined, owner of the tavern, works as the barman, which his wife, Frida the Determined, who makes the best dishes in the whole city. Or so they say.
The tavern has a nice homey feeling, a place to return to, chat with the friendly owners, the locals, celebrate and enjoy the food and drinks.      

The Menu

The menu constantly changes. Drinks and dishes are added and removed each month, however a few stay no matter what, as the visitors grew to like them.
Custom oredrs are accepted.   (Refer to prices here: Currencies)  
Dish Content Price
Meat soup Meat and blood, whith vegetables, all spicy. 3 L/R bone
Vegetable soup Vegetables, mainly tomato and potato 1 L/R bone3
Fish soup Fish, with added onion, garlic and bits of bread 2 L/R bones
Eggplant curry Roasted eggplant stuffed with bread, mashed potatoes and curry 3 L/R bones
Roasted meat Wine soaked and roasted meat, with potatoes 4 ribs
Herrings, asparagus and potatoes wrapped in leaves, grilled 3 ribs
Fruit Bowl Bowl of mango, papaya, avocado, orange, banana, kiwi, lemon 1 rib
Trial of Fire Incredibly spicy meat. Eat whole and win 15Ribs 2 Ribs
Warlord's Feast Bowl of blood and wine soaked lamb, prepared in a tomato sauce 10 Ribs

Drink Content Price (1 cup)
Fruit spirit An alcoholic drink made from a fruit of customer's choosing 1 other bone
Regular wine Cheap but good tasting wine 2 other bones
Fancy wine Expensive and tasty wine 6 other bones
Beer Regular wheat beer 1 other bone
Coconut mix Coconut milk, milk and finely mashed banana with a bit of cinnamon 2 other bones
Lemon juice Lemon juice mixed with water 2 teeth
Fruit mix Mix of fruit juices such as kiwi, orange, mango an pineapple, mixed with some milk. 7 teeth


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Mar 8, 2022 12:26

I love the idea for the name being derived of the people who died during the construction of the tavern. Gives it a whole other vibe to the building. I also love that you've added a menu to your article, although I get the feeling that there are some items missing since I see a couple "1"s, "2"s, and "3"s in the table. ^,^"   Keep up the good work! :D

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Thanks. With the menu, I'm still working on it.

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... Over 60 years?! Eesh, get a life people. o_O How desperate were they to leave a legacy??   You got a few minor typos: Incre[d]ibly, Warlord. The menu sounds delicious, I like how you included ingredients and prices.

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Mar 13, 2022 21:44 by Eliora Yona

Very interesting name and how to tavern came to be! I also like the menu, clean table and the prices are interesting. If I were to visit I'd say I'd stick to the fruit bowl, but I do love the Trial by Fire name! Good job!

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Good work on the menu and the tavern's history. I like the origin of the name. The family was just determined to open a tavern by the sounds of it. Is there a reason that Hans broke the tradition of 3+ generations of carpenters (other than the legacy of the tavern they built)

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Not really, if the tavern wasn't finished during his life, he would have been another carpenter in the family. But he sometimes does some carpentry in his free time. Plus it saves money when a table or a chair breaks.