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Valeria the torture mistress

Godess Valeria, one of the four sibling deities, the judge and executioner. She is worshipped by Nagataru, as one of the four deities in the Servants of the blood gods religion.


The world was once inhabited by all kinds of beasts and monsters, no humanoid in sight. Then the four deities came down onto the land and procreated with each other, creating the first Children of Myths and guided them the first few generations. Valeria taught them how to behave, took care of them and punished them when needed. According to the stories, she gave birth to 15 children, 5 from each of her brothers. But after the four siblings left, it didn´t take long and a divide was created. The Children of Myths spread all over the world, eventually forgetting their roots and started to worship false deities. As a punishment, their skin colors were changed from red to blue, brown, green, etc. so their betrayal could be seen.


Valria is depicted as a skinny, red-skinned woman with long black hair and purple eyes, wearing a purple and black dress, wielding a blade whip, with tatoos mostly in white, purple and black colors all over her body. Most of the time, she is depicted torturing, or standing on/dominating someone.
  • Over time, the depictions seems to contain more brutal torture methods and have more gore in general.
  • In some depictions she is naked, or wearing a revealing dress.
  • Sometimes her blade whip is replaced with a thorn whip


Valeria is the godess of love, beauty, fertility, motherhood, punishment, pain, torture, etc.


Her symbol is a blade or thorn whip, striking a heart.


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