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Folesza Sone (fɔlɛʂa sɔnɛ)

The eight handed devil

The folesza szsone is a Douji species related to the Doujatar irkys stenu living in western Rojgrasz. Smaller than its cousin, it is equally aggressive and commonly considered especially wicked. It is the apex predator of its habitat.   Outside the Dark Lands, it is often called Rojgraszian stenu. Scholars debate whether one is the derivation of the other or they evolved separately from a third extinct animal, specialising in survival in their respective environments.

Basic Information


The folesza resembles a large wolf about two metres tall and six long.   It has a dark green or grey colour, like a mould, enabling it to hide quite efficiently in the Nojgraszian forests. Bony irregular protrusions cover its body, providing protection. They are believed to be quite effective against other folesza because their main weapon, the claws, remains stuck in the irregular bones and crack.   At the end of each leg, there is a "double hand", that led the Zatjal to rename the folesza as "the devil with eight paws". Each foot has a double paw structure, where one touches the ground and another one on top of that. Each paw has four fingers equipped with retractable claws.

Ecology and Habitats

The folesza preys on any and every animal in its territory. Not even organised Zatjal groups can reliably hunt one down.   Even though it can overcome most animals in the region in a fair duel, its preferred hunting strategy is to hide in the foliage and follow the prey from afar until it stops in a suitable place, like a river or a clearance where there is enough space for movement. There, it jumps on the unsuspecting prey and sinks its claws in the hide but retreats immediately, leaping away. The process is repeated quickly from different angles until the folesza is satisfied. The goal is to inflict a wound deep enough and then wait for the prey to bleed out and collapse.   The folesza is a patient hunter that avoids direct confrontations and tiring pursuits.   Once it is done feasting on its kill, the monster pretends to leave and hides in the neighbouring foliage, waiting for scavengers. When they arrive, wary of its presence, it lets them start their meal. When they are comfortable, it beats them down, usually with its tail. It does not kill them and seems more like it is its way to have fun.
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Geographic Distribution

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