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Name: Kimufly

Discovery: From the family of the fireflies, this species was discovered in the Mushple Underground forest.

Anatomy: head with four eyes, two at the front, two at the side, a hard exoskeleton, six legs, and two sets of wings. Soft, tiny hairs in the belly and legs. They emit light from their wings when they fly.

Senses: highly accurate hearing and smell perception. Their sight is not as good.

Reproduction: They mate every two months and produce two to five larvae in every period of gestation. After three weeks the larvae became an adult kimufly prepared to mate.

Survival: The kimufly can live up at most two years.

Habitat: Their natural habitat was the underground caves where the Mushplewas found. It was proved the kimufly can adapt and survive in other regions, except in extremely cold weather.

Diet: plants, mushrooms, smaller insects.

Status: the kumifly are all around the world. They are considered invasive species.

Function: the kumifly spread the spores from the mushples.

by Julian Ralid
two years
Average Height
4 cm
-How's the growth rate this quarter?
-There was an improvement of 65%
-When the next batch will be ready to release?
-We'll have it ready in two weeks
-Good. The boss will be pleased
-Scientist in a Big Dreams Corp's lab

-Sir, We are very close to achieving our mission-
-The new kimufly?
-Yes, sir
-What about the spores?
-It will take more time, but we'll do it, sir.
-Miqe Kishev and one his minions


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