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There was once a civilization in search of a cure for the diseases that were killing them. The cure wasn't on their home planet so they looked at the starts. The stars smiled at them and answered their pleas. They had to travel far away and stole what they needed to survive. But they made a mistake. In the quest to save themselves they changed another planet's destiny forever. If it was for better or for worse is still unseen.
-We did it!
-You found it?
-Yes, we must leave at once!
— a group of overjoyed scientists

Basic Information

Location: Planet 856-KLO. Deep caves in the southern hemisphere.
Habitat: Cold, humid, dark, close to a body of water
Type of species: organic
Reproduction: Spores
Colour: blue, pink and purple
Height: 10 to 15 cm
Benefits: Helps the patient to fight several respiratory and cardiac diseases, heals tissue, and faster recovery of lost energy.
Original harvesting period: Once every millennium.


The best approach is to harvest all of it and bring samples to have our plantations on our planet where we can control it and accelerate the harvesting period.

-It doesn't feel right to take all of it. What about the other species living on this planet?
-They are healthy. They don't need it. They don't even know it's here.
-But what if they get sick like us.
-Hear me out. What if we leave a small container, just in case something goes wrong at home. For an emergency.
-Fine, but make sure it will survive but well contained and hidden.
— At least it did survive.
by Julian Ralid

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