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The nation having undergone revolution is a plutocracy run by a counsel of ten lords who are voted by the noble houses of the nation, they serve for life or until they choose to retire. It is considered one of the modernized nations in the world and the leading member of the coalition in charge of Absalom.

Trade & Transport

Following the fall of Sternbore, Sabailn become the major transportation and logistics hub of the world as it contains both traveled waterways that enable passage to the western part of the Isola without exposing oneself to the Pale. This give the nation a monopoly on transportation as well.


The road network in this city is also enhanced with Lightning Rails between major cities alongside airships for international travel. Roads are beginning to transition from cobblestone to Melding Stone in order to facilitate the new found motorcarriages that are become more used by nobility.

Diplomacy Before Force

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations


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