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From the ruins of the great dwarven kingdom of Grundiir, Ulnox  is considered the modern day remnant of the once continent spanning kingdom following the collapse of the underroads. Though dwarves make up the majority of the rulers in this nation, the citizenry outside the mountains is majority human.


Ulnox was once part of Grundiir that housed refuges escaping the blackened skies of Earthfall, the nation began to take in many of them into their underground cities. However when Grundiir fell in 67, the region fell under the district city of Ulnox. With Grundiir's falling and the sealing of the deeproads, Ulnox was cut off from the main dwarven underground food production causing many in the dwarven community to argue that they should remove the refugees from their cities so that they could make their food reserves last longer, as they did not know when or if Earthfall would end. The conflict between the dwarven factions almost caused a civil war to erupt, but before it could Earthfall ended. However, these tensions between the dwarven clans still persist to this day.  Since earthfall, the nation has risen to become a king of industry leading to the creation of many inventions that were lost when Grundiir fell. Following the Lightning Rails Project and Absalom initiative the dwarven nation strives to complete its ultimate project of retaking Grundiir.

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