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Following exceptionally bad winters and a blight that crippled the crops and led to the inability for many citizens to work the nation turned to necromancy as a source of labor. Bolstering its military with the undying legion and the farmers in a similar manner. The nation has reached a worldly prosperity even if numerous clerics such as those of the grave claim they have condemned their morality to do so.


Originally a colony of Wayhearth, it became infected with vampires and liches due to the necromantic leylines that lie over the land. These vampires established themselves as new lords during the wars while the liches began finding ways to migrate to different worlds should the end of this one come. When it was uncertain if the world would survive Earthfall, many carried out their plans and fled to other planes. The ones that remained began to fear receiving the blame for their part in the Earthfall, scattering to the corners of the world to study and rule in peace. One vampire decided to attempt to atone for his sins and led the people of the ashes to create a new civilization for those that his kind prayed upon. He led them for many years and taught them the secrets of undeath so that the wisdom of previous ages would not be lost as it had in the Earthfall. Once the first group died and became the honored undead, he created the Election of Blood, where the Honored House of the Living would let blood into giant goblets each representing the different parts of a vote. Whichever goblet was filled with the most blood became the vote that the Unending Nobility would place into action in the kingdom. Then when all was set up he vanished officially creating the modern kingdom of Sighar.

Service Even in Death

Founding Date
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Thanatocracy / Necrocracy
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