Advesperascit (Ad)

Once the center of the world, Advesperascit was the first city of the known world. Though it now lies on the edge of the Isola. It was targeted heavily during the fighting of the gods, leading to a fall from its former glory. After the earthfall, settled and the sun returned there were no gods to lead the province so a humanity led government was founded that went and colonized the lands around it becoming a suzerainity. For a period, the future of the city state seemed infinite until the steady decline brought on by the leaders of the nation as the top had become isolated from the common classes, the economic poverty coupled with the corruption of the city state gave way to revolutionaries who after a 4 year campaign at the turn of the century managed to overthrow the city. They established a new state under an orc named Vadebroer, with the help of the order of the rose to create a new system of rule. The nearby states that were once under the rule of the Suzerain used their combined efforts to storm Advesperascit and overthrow the new government, in an alliance by the states they agreed that the new government should be one in agreeance with all members of once vassal states, it has been 40 years since the first summit for the establishment of the new government. During that time the city of Advesperascit has remained a free international zone with no centralized government and law enforcement being given privilege's lent to them from the Antevassals.


The city is incredibly diverse but still predominately human ruled. Any sentient species that can be found on this isola will be in this city to some capacity. There are even more enclaves within the Island compared to Advesperascit proper making it larger than typically shown.


Dragons Downs Perfumed District Green Valley Godthrone The Flowing Channels Overunderlands
Founding Date
0 The Founding
Alternative Name(s)
The Holy, The First City, The Last City, The City of History
Inhabitant Demonym


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