Vozgoa is an oligarchical city state run by the modern day remnant of heroes who had saved the land during the times of Earthfall. The current ministry is known as the Heldenraad.  Local leaders are chosen by each of the oligarchs and tend to be the younger siblings of those in the ministry.


The oligarchs of Vozgoa are the first born children lineage of the original heroes that saved this land during the Earthfall. They are the Noble Council and they elect the leaders of the nation directly, while serving on seats themselves in the highest echelon. One of the members is chosen amongst themselves every 5 years, however it is extremely rare for someone to not win reelection.


While the normal deities of the world are worshipped within Vozgoa's borders, many people worship the Silvered Heroes, that once saved this land from the Tarrasque the Armageddon Engine. Worship of Rovagug is strictly forbidden due to the Hungering Beast being the creator of the Tarrasque. Taxes are placed on all religious organizations except for those that worship the Silvered Heroes.

Mythology & Lore

Vozgoa was saved by the Silver Heroes, following the years after earthfall. The wrathful spawn of Rovagug seeing that its parent had failed to destroy the world decided to ravage the weakened people of the holy continent starting its rain in the modern country of Vozgoa. The Silver Heroes managed to defend the town permanently killing the Tarrasque. One hero named Vozgoa Verneer sacrificed him when it seems the Tarrasque was about to regenerate itself to cast a powerful spell that permanently caused it to no longer regenerate, as causing the Tarrasque to collapse into the the sea. The heroes swam out there and cut off its head as a trophy to prove they had done the deed. The Tarrasque's head remains in the capital hanging above the ministers a reminder of what their ancestors achieved.

The Legacy of Heroes Are Our People

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