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The warmongering nation of Sternbore was a central nation that grew large on the profitable trade route that connected the east and western parts of the Otepera  continent together. Having made heritage claims to the lands outside their borders the nation unleashed its newest invention the Androids. With what appeared to an unstoppable and nigh invincible army, it appeared as if the invasion would be successful without any hindrances. However within a single minute, every soul within the nations borders disappeared leaving only their citizens at the front lines as the soul survivors of the nation. The nation is currently surrounded by a pale fog that drains the life of those that try to enter and those that have ventured in and out of it speak of the ruins containing abominations and the preserved treasures of a nation.


Sternbore was a mercantile nation due to its critical land position between the old continent, the nation grew rich from its natural resources and the skill in its merchants. Though abandoned before earthfall as it was a primary meeting place for several battles that shook the world, it quickly became one of the most populous nations following the Discidium. The rise of the nation allowed it to horde secrets of every school of magic for personal study leading to the great magocracy merchant ruling class. While the hoard of the nation continued to grow with dragons taking positions of power and the nobles continuing their unknown pursuits. Discontent with the wealth they had amassed the nobles decided to claim what they felt was their rightful territory in the Deserin Valley, taking the previous capital of Ruhhat. Three weeks after the capture talks between the nations were underway, but before they could be reached the Day of Catastrophe occured. Now the nation lays in ruins, a mist covering its borders. Current theories are that it was swallowed in a moment of Pale Illumination that quickly faded away. This has led scholars to conclude that figuring out how the Pale receded could lead them to banish the pale that separates the world.

374 - 1252

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