Ruhhat’s land and original capital was taken by the conquest of Sternbore and lost permanently to the fog. As such it has a vested interest in uncovering the secrets of the fogs. Before the war, the nation was an agricultural nation focused mostly on supplying the dwarven cities with food in exchange for services and manufactured goods. The food production in Ruhhat is enough to feed entire other nations, which its neighbors were historically reliant on.


The modern nation was founded by a mix Owariyaru settlers who migrated to the south and by Sternbore settlers who migrated to the west. The meeting of these two turned the land into a battleground, until the Owariyaru  was notably harsh on the local population taking food quotas that left very little for the citizens and conscripting the peasants into a militia to fight Sternbore. When the Chantia regime suffered from inner conflict, Sternbore supplied the peasants with a means to rise against the Owariyaru soldiers. A successful revolution ensured that Ruhhat became an independent nation. However, soon tensions on the border of Sternbore and Ruhhat caused Sternbore to seize the old capital of Arxan that laid within the Deserin Valley, using new war machines. Despite losing the capital the nation managed to hold off advance outside of the Deserin Valley long enough to enable the negotiation of a cease fire, while talks were underway the Day of Catastrophe occurred. Since that time, the capital has been relocated to Yeldram
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Breadbasket
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


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