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Once a prosperous nation of gold mines and large jungles, it was cursed during the war with the betrayer gods in order to deny the pantheon its wealth.  Cursed to have its water forever flow opposite of the sun the land despite having water on both sides is an arid desert as the wind is magically dried as it blows over, except for the western oasis which was saved by the goddess Wadjet who ensured that the water would pool at the mountains and create a wellspring of life hidden behind the vast dunes.

Agriculture & Industry

Agriculture and industry are both highly restricted in the region however the individual tribes within the nation contains some of the best craftsmen in the world who gather ancient knowledge from the sands. Furthermore, while the desert prevents attempts at mass production, the good that come from this region are extremely valuable due to the quality of the individual work and rarity of the products outside. While oasis's are the main source of food for the tribes there are many unique agricultural treasures hidden in the sand, including valuable alchemical plants that seem to resist being grown in captivity, and rare dangerous animals that fetch high prices in foreign meat markets.

Trade & Transport

Transportation is extremely limited as the rocks shores prevent ship travel and the shifting sands prevent modern overland technology from being established. Most trade is done using the giant lizards of the land as mules, though those with more traditional mounts/less resistance to the heat tend to travel underneath the Great Skua Landwhale.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
The Flowing Nation
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
Ceramics Cartion Sugar Refined magical goods Fabrics
Major Imports
Refined machinery Raw metal ore Lumber
Neighboring Nations


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