Twin Suns

Twin Suns, along with its sister city Twin Moons are collectively know as the Twin cities, and are the gateways into Eroth from the Amrid Ocean. Twin Suns sits on the North Western Shore of Eroth, at the Delta of the Thorn River. It is a Large Walled City that not only acts as the main Ocean Port for Eroth, but guards the river passage to Sanction and the rest of Eroth.   Twin Suns was once the capital of the nation, until Sanction was built on Lake Catherine. The city, is a large metropolis with a diverse population. Its name comes from the Two Suns of Nor, Sost, and Rhea. It is also the site of some very important structures, including the Erothian Academy, The Blue Tower, and the Twin Suns Lighthouse.


While the majority of residents in Twin Suns are Human, There are several neighborhood home to the Terrasti. There is also a sizable population of Halfling both living in the human neighborhoods and the neighborhood Borrowville. It is not uncommon to also find Dwarves amongst the residences though there are no neighborhood dedicated to them. You will also find each of th eother humanoid races though in much smaller numbers.   Most of the residents are lower to middle class, and though a larger portion of the Erothian Nobility live in Twin Suns than any other city, they are still relatively small compared to the rest of the residents. Twin Suns does have a number of homeless and beggars, though much smaller than what is found in most city of the same size.


The Lord of Twin Suns, is usually apointed by the King and the position has historically bee held by the elder of the King's Brothers. If the King has no sibling, then usually a uncle or cousin, though there have been apointments in the past that have no relations to the King. The Lord's title is simply Lord of Twin Suns, and conveys no special powers of the Kingdom, beside that which is granted as Lord of the second largest city in the kingdom.   Unlike the Kingship, the Lordship of Twin Suns is not subject to the powers of the Council of Eroth. The lord is beholden only to the King, and though a new King may replace him, his position survives the death of the monarch.


Twin Suns has a large city Guard and houses several companies of the Erothian Army. In addition there is a garrison of Knights of Eroth. In addition it has the larger portion of Eroth's Navy and ship building facilities. While the Navy are under the command of the Council of Eroth, and not subject to the will of the Lord, they can be called upon to assist the Lord when needed.   The City Guard is well trained, and armed. The Army is one of the best trained in the world and keeps themselves constantly ready for active duty. The Knights of Eroth are known worldwide as some of the greatest warrior in all or Aranthar.

Industry & Trade

Twin Suns, being a port city, lives by its trade and crafts. Raw material comes in, and gets shipped to the various crafter all over Eroth. Finished materials go out. It also is a big exporter of foodstuff which is grown in the surrounding lands.   Twin Suns is also known for a large and high quality supply of Perfumes. There is a whole district named for them. They are often made from sea creatures that are hinted off the shore of of the City, though some are harvested from rare plants, or other species in the area. In addition, the perfume crafters often import ingredient that can only be found in other parts of Aranthar.   Another item that seaport is known for is it textiles. A rare type of Flax plant whose fibers are long and stronger then normal flax grows to the south, and only manages to thrive here near Twin Suns. The local make a sturdy cloth from it that is very tough and durable while remaining pliable. This Twin Suns linen is prized by adventurers as it can be washed many times without becoming weak and brittle.


Like most large cities, Twin Suns is seperated into districts. These are unofficial though, and have natually grown from the tendecy of like minded individual prefering to settle next to eachother. The borders between the ditrict are very fluid, and oulier can be found through the city.  
The Market District
The Market district is where the market square lies, a large open area for vedors to put up booths. Shops have natually opened round the square trying to take advantage of residents already looking to soend gold.  
The Civic District
The Civic District is where the Lord Palace is built, and most of the main buildings that enable the city government to run. Here you will find Guildhalls, the courts, the Clerk Office, the Barracks and other building that are important to the smooth operations of a large city.  
The Noble District
This District houses many of the nobles of the City. Many of the Noble Family also have estates on thier lands, but is it a sign of Status to have a presence in the city as well. This District is filled with large mansion, and manors. As many of the nobles strive for a presence in the city, this district is much more crowded that would be expected. Only the very wealthy can afford to have a large plot of land in addition to a sprawling manor. It is said the importance and wealth of a noble is directly proportinate to the amount of real estate then have in th enoble district.  
The Residnetial District
The resedential district is where many of the residents live. From larger manor houses to large building houses several apartments in each one. There are also many taverns, shops and other business in the district. This district also has several smaller neighborhood that are mostly made up of like people. Not only people of race, but also cultures. There are neighborhood where residents of Sinia, gather, and neighborhoods where people from Chi-Cshura live in addition to those where you will find moslty Halfling or Elves.  
The Docks
Like any port city, the docks is a large district and the lifebloos of Twin Suns. Almost all trade comes through Twin Sun due to its location as the closest port to Saction. While Twin Moons is also a large port, it serves mostly the smaller settlements to the south. Twin Suns is the gateway to the most profitable places in Eroth. Its Docks District represent by not only being large, but also running very efficiently. The northern section of the Docks district is dedicated to ship building and repair.   While the docks of Twin Suns will never rival Freeport they are a large part of Eroth's Economy and play a majot role in the city.  
The Perfume District
The perfume district originally got its ame because of the terrible stench which it was known for. During the Third Shadow war, the city was inundated with refugees fleeing Sanction. They settled in Norther Twin Suns, and the city did not have the infrastructure to supposed so many. The unwashed bodies and refuse made for a dangerous situation and some of the less kind-hearted nobles started refering to the area of the city as the perfume district.   Eventually the refugees either left or were absorbed into the city, but the name stuck even long after the area had been cleaned up. Outsider hearing the name assumed the area was known for perfume, and some residents took advantage of that and started to produce the product. It soon drew many that specialized in the craft, and now the district is know for its perfume making.    
The Slums
While every city has a place where thier poor congregate, Twin Suns Slum district is not relegates to one of two places. Instead each of the district has it's own area for the downtrodden. The can be found in the streets behind the shops of the Market Place District, in neighborhood in the resdential district. Under the Piers in the Docs section, and even in the tucked off alleyways in the civic district. The only district mostly immune to this is the Noble District, where vagabonds are often arrested or dumped into other parts of the city
Founding Date
275 BS
Alternative Name(s)
The City of The Morning
Large city
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The World of Nor


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