An RPG Campaign World
Created and written by Ron Cote
World maps curtesy of username: ChonkeyHonkey
Contributions from Alastair and numerous players.

Merry Meet, and welcome to the Word of Nor. You have reached the home of the World of Nor campaign. It is a Pathfinder Campaign world created by Ron Cote, and expanded by many players over 20+ years. In these pages you will find information about the world, the characters in it and other relevant facts. Also there is information for Players of the Pathfinder RPG including some custom classes, items, and rules.   If you are just visiting I hope you will find some of the information available entertaining. If you are a gamer, and play Fantasy rpgs, you may even find some interesting ideas here. If you happen to play Pathfinder then be sure to take a look at the game mechanics section for some interesting classes, and feats.   If you are here because you are interested in joining the game, please check out the current campaign section, as it will give you some information about the current storyline and the state of the world. Thanks for Dropping By
Campaign Date as of last game: 876-9-3