Eggbert Malavorax

Duke Eggbert Charlie Malavorax, III

Eggbert is the head of House Malavorax and and current Duke of Caradonia, the Duchy southwest of Twin Suns. He was appointed Duke and Caeadonia was made an official Duchy, when Lady Marion Malavorax was removed from her duties and the nobility after it was reported she had Gold Dragon Blood.   Eggbert rules the Malavorax lands, with the help of Marion's Ex-husband, Phillip Malavorax. He doesn't have much skill in ruling himself, but enjoys the power of it.   Eggbert is also a Sorcerer, who carries the Blood of Red Dragons in his veins. It is this blood that caused the Vemoraxx to elevate him to Duke and place him in charge of the Malavorax Family and holdings.   Eggbert is often described as an unpleasant man. He is selfish and cares only for power. While he is single, he is currently looking for a bride to form a strong union with. While he would be considering an attractive option for many young noblewomen, his attitude has kept anyone from truly persuasion any union.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Eggbert has a privelidge childhood. He grey up in a castle in Caradonia to rich parents. His family was one of the most influential and rich in Eroth, and he wanted for nothing.   When the Lord of Caradonia's first child was born in difficult circumstances, it was well known that there would be no more children. It was then that Eggbert, being the next male heir started being groomed to inherit. He grew up thinking that he was goign to take over Caradonia from his uincle, and was shocked when his uncle named his daughter, MArion as his hier, againts tradition.   Eggbert alwats resented to being passed over for a woman. He grew into a bitter and angry young man. His father tried to get Eggbert to learn some skills that he coule use to be useful to th new lady, or to the Vemoraxx High Priest, so he could find a place at court, but Egbert had his heart on rulership. When his father died, he decided that he could needed to fins a way to get his inheritence.   Eggbert, knowing the family secret of Dragon Blood, went to the vemoraxx and explained to them that LAdy MArion had been keeping a secret. That thier family had the blood of Dragons, and there were actually two dragon blooded lines in the malavorax family. One with the blood of Gold Dragons, like Marion, and one with the Blood of Red Dragon. He claimed to be the latter. He was tested and was found to have Red Dragon blood. The Vemoraxc issues an arrst warrant for Lady Marion. She managed to escape before thay could capture her and she wa stripped of her title, and lands, and Eggbert was named Duke of Caradonia.   A year after Marion had escaped, her husband returned saying he had no idea she had tained blood and begged for a palce with the Malavoraxes. Eggbert, who, despite the traning was a terrible manager, took him on, an soon he earned his loyalty and now acts as Eggbert's Administrator.


Eggbert received extensive education, but did not apply himself so much of it went to waste. He is still more educated than a normal citizen, but lacks the skills that is expected from a member of the nobility.

Morality & Philosophy

Eggbert is selfish and self-entitled. He is willing to step on other for his own personal gain. He mainly rules through fear and intimidation using the power of his office to get people to do what he wants.

Wealth & Financial state

Eggbert is from the one of the richest families in Eroth, and has vast wealth he can draw upon. His lands produce several good especially some rare wines that only his family knows the secret of. He also owns a large manor in Twin Suns.
Neutral Evil
Current Status
Ruling Caradonia
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Eggbert is the Duke of Caradonia. Caladonia has always been the ancestral lands of the Malavorax family, but was never recognized as an official Duchy, until Eggbert was granted the title of Duke.
Early Thierties
Current Residence
Twin Suns
Brown with Red Specks
Long Black Hair which he dyes red.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruddy and scarred from childhood Pox
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Eggbert speaks Common and some Draconic.
The World of Nor


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