The Night Drake

(a.k.a. The Night Drake)

The Night Drake is a legend amongst the people of Twin Suns. This mysterious Figure appears out of the shadows and saves people in trouble. The Night Drake seems to have a particular soft spot for people who are victims of the Vemoraxx, and due to this has killed or humiliated many Vemoraxx soldiers and priests. The Dragon Cult has placed a bounty on the head of the Night Drake because of thier losses to this vigilante.   The Night Drake appears to be a woman who wears green dragon hide armor, and carries a rapier. She usually has an owl companion that is often seen around her and follows her commands. She appears to be an expert swordmwoman and also uses a wide array of mechanical and alchemical objects in her work.   The true identity of the Night Drake is unknown but there may be some connection between her and the Nimble Shade of freeport as they both have similar methods.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Night Drake is usually cloaked and armored, but appears to be in great physical shape based on her fighting ability and her athleticism.

Facial Features

The night Drake wears a green enameled mask which protects her identity and alters her voice.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The night Drake appeared on Twin Suns just a few years ago, around 873. According to stories she first appeared when vemoraxx soldiers were trying to take the third child of a family. She killed the soldiers, and somehow arranged for the family to leave to city. Since then there are stories of her appearing at all sorts of altercations.   The vemoraxx have even tried to set trap for her by stagin situations but somehow she seems to know which are real and which are not.
Current Status
Fighting injustice in Twin Suns
Current Location
Tall for a woman
Slim and athletic for appearances
The World of Nor


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