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Guarded Nations

The Guarded Nations are body states with a considerable amount of both normal humans and super humans living within its borders, in many cases to the point where super humans are integrated in their society as a whole, it is relatively common for all citizens of the nation state to share a common super powers thought in some cases, this super power can be executed in various ways.   For this The League of Heroes has granted the status of Guarded Nations to this body states, forcing then to follow a set of regulations similar to those The League impose on super humans, but still allowing this nations to retain their sovereignty, in this case, The League impose some regulation in terms of immigrations for the super humans and how they handle them as well a a guidance for what super humans can or cannot do.  

The Current Guarded Nations

Guarded Nations Table

Guarded Nations are body states with a population of both, normal humans and super humans of considerable amount, as such they are one step above the Autonomous Societies and are partially audited by The League of Heroes, mostly in terms of immigration control and the exercise of certain laws that apply to their super human citizens, in other ways.

#NameEstimates PopulationSuper Human %Small Info
1Atlantean Free Cities60 M20%Spread around the world, they are a conglomeration of 12 cities descendant of the Original Kingdom of Atlantis
2Council of Witches and Wizards?100%?The descendant of many of the Witches and Wizards societies of the past, they gathered around to live in a parallel dimension called the Magic Reality.
3Eastern Nenets400.00080%Once the Soviet Union broke Apart, The League of Heroes decided to grant then the status of Guarded Nations due to their size and big ammount of super humans.
4Free City of Tortuga500.00045%Known as the ancient capital of the Pirate World, today is one of the many isle nations of the Caribbean, catalogue as Guarded Nations dues to their status as a self proclaimed state.
5Kingdom of Lesotho2 M40%A small Kingdom within the borders of South Africa, the people of this nation have Ice like super powers.
6The Golden Kingdom22 M23%A Nation in the middle of the Sahara desert descendants of the Berbers, many of their people can resits the intense heat and dry weather of the desert and can even control sand.
7Kingdom of Nature People500.000100%Discovered to the world no more than 50 years ago, this newly established nation of wild like people have been granted a big portion of the Amazonas.
8Republic of China23 M27%Once the Workers Party seized control of mainland Chine and the innumerable purges began, many political entities and specially super humans saw themselves fleeing to the last bastion of the Republic of China, the isle of Taiwan, today, a big portion of the population hold to this super powers, while mainland China is now almost empty of super humans.
9Republic of the Galapagos2 M65%This isle was originally habited by Polynesian descendants, they where part of the Spanish Empire and then freed after the Spanish Empire lost influence in the continent.
10Republic of Madagascar24 M34%Many of the people of this nation have a certain emotional connection with flora and fauna.
11Republic of Malta475.00027%The legendary Isle of the Maltese Knights, the isle contains a mystical pool that supposedly grants powers to the ones that bath in it.
12Republic of Mongolia3 M42%The birth place of the Mongol Empires and the Ethereal Riders, people capable of summoning creatures of Ethereal nature.
13Sea Farers400.00075%A Nation build on massive sea faring ships, this Polynesian descentdants have been navigating the ocean, primevally the Pacific for centuries.


Council of Witches and Wizards of England Flag

Lesotho Flag

Nature People Flag


Political Map

Influence of The League of Heroes

While Nova Spas and the Autonomous Societies are influenced directly by the League, the Guarded Nations still act as another body state in the world, having their own governmental institutions, international relations such as trade and diplomacy. This does not mean The League does not have influence over them, they Audit the nation to make sure they are following their regulations impose to their super humans, among the most important are: Not using super humans in any law enforcement role or the military.   Although the League has not saying on sentences or punishments impose to the citizens of the nation, specially super humans, they are able to interfere in any incident through their SPE forces when ever a super human threat is present, if they see it necessary, they will instead take the super human under their jurisdiction instead.   All in all, the Guarded Nations tend to leave the League do their job but incidents between them happens and in some cases their relations tend to deteriorate because of that making the job of both parts complicated.

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