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Aurora Council (New)

They are leading body of the Atlantean Free Cities, since the fall and destruction of the city of Atlantis and the extinction of the Royal Family they have decided to take on the task on administrating the other Atlantean cities under a representative democracy where the council decides the administrative, economic and social policies.   This council although is not as effective as it can be and had show signs of evident corruption had been able to rise the Atlantean Free Cities as a global power, granting its citizens an average quality of life as well as being top thirty global economies of the glove.


After the fall of Atlantis and the extinction of the Royal Family the Council rebuild itself in order to prevent any more insurgent of the red terror adopting strong democratic models. The organization is divided in three powers, Executive, Legislative and Judicial and each has ranks that each projects their respective power into the Nation in various ways.

Atlantean Free Cities Distribution of Powers Table

After the Royal Family would go extinct, The Aurora Council reformed in order to take the task to lead the leaderless Atlanteans, they decided to adopt strong western forms of governments to prevent the influence of the red terror that caused the bloody civil war that caused the destruction of the city of Atlantis and the fall of the Atlantean Empire.

PowerRankElectionPower Projection
ExecutiveAurora Council Head MemberInternally SelectedNation Wide
Aurora Council MemberDemocraticallyCity State
Zodiac GeneralMeritocracyCity State
LegislativeSenator of the ACDemocraticallyNation Wide
Chancellor of the ACDemocraticallyCity State Wide
JudicialPresident of Chamber of JuriesInternally SelectedNation Wide
Local JuryInternally SelectedCity State

Legislative Branch

In regards of laws, the Nation follows very federal approach in which each city has a lot of control in regard on which laws and regulations to impose, this means that each city may have a completely different constitutional approach in regards of laws. This has ensure more stability to each city as well as strong autonomy. This causes the Nation to be very decentralized in terms of administration.
Chamber of Senators
The legislative power that projects power nation wide, they are democratically elected members that represent each of the cities.

Atlantean Free Cities Legislative Power Table

The legislative body is in charge of proposing the laws of the nation and to vote for or against then or making any necessary reform.
While each City has a Chamber of Chancellors to deal with local laws and regulation, they also have Chamber of Senators to propose laws and regulations that affect the Nation Wide.
Each city is given one representative by each 100.000 citizens up to 3 million, in which after they are granted just one per each million.

City# Representatives(Senators)
Corona Vorealis10
Argo Navis34
Atlantean Chamber of Senators
Chamber of Chancellors
They are the local legislative power of each city and due to the decentralization of the cities, each Chamber tends to have a widely different numbers of members as well as different modus operandi, none the less, the methods on which Chancellors are chosen remains as a democratic election.


The (New )Aurora Council was established shortly after the end of World War Two after a massive civil war had effectively ended the Atlantean Empire. Many of the cities had lost leadership and became small city states for a short time. The (New) Council of Aurora would make sure to gather all the cities and united then into a new Nation that would known as the Atlantean Free Cities.   For the second half of the twentieth century, the Atlantean Free Cities showed an stagnant grow and weak economy, however, the more the years passed the economy began to recover and at the start of the new century the Atlantean Free Cities had grown to become one of the prosperous nations in the world.


The Council holds influence over the remaining Atlantean Cities.

Atlantean Free Cities Table

The Atlantean people had roamed the seas since the very beginning and have adopted to maritime life because of this, in addition of the assist of The Children of Poseidon, super humans that with various degree of powers, had allow then to colonize several points across de world, making the Nation of the Atlantean a world spamming nation.

CityPopulationSmall Info
Atlantis<1000Now a set ruins, the city was destroyed in a major catastrophe in World War Two due to the ongoing Civil War the Empire suffered, now it is being rebuilding and is generating ludicrous income due to tourism.
Perseus2MBuild to be the central hub of slave trading in the colonization era, now a prosperous city with a mix black population.
Corvus1.2MA Volcano isle that offered fertile lands in summer time, one of the most politically influential city of the Nation with Scandinavian mix population.
Lyra1.8MA set of small isles around a vibrant coral reef, this city has become a hot touristic spot in the last years for many Africans and Europeans.
Corona Vorealis1MKnown as the harsh island, its rick mineral resources had transform this city in a powerful industrial hub of the Nation.
Hercules7MA densely packet city thriving in flora, their integration with the super humans of Madagascar had create a new generation of super humans in the city that had created a massively arcological city.
Orion3MThe Black City, it produces big quantities of oil that serves to boots the economy of the nation, it had close tied with the old Empire of Oman and thanks to this an Arabic/black mix population.
Cassiopeia10MA populated city specialized in the trade of the Indic sea and the South East Asian sea. Its isle it fill with rich plantation of spices.
Argo Navis7MThe Boatyard Isle, historically known as the Navy constructor of the old Empire, it traded in many of the various woods produced on the numerous isles to the south and because of this become a rich prosperous isle, today is center of finances for the growing South East Asian countries.
Lupus3MThe Warrior Isle, known to have the biggest concentration of Children of Poseidon in the Nation, this has caused this isle to adopt more traditional beliefs in which these super humans tend to be in a higher social status.
Draco15MThe Dragon Isle, a massive set of isles surrounded by the biggest coral reef of the world, this city thrives in tourism, scientific research and trade with Asia and America. In the past they had a massive war against the Sea Dragons and after being victorious were granted the title of Gate Keepers of the Pacific.
Andromeda8MThe Hidden Pearl, colonized by an Atlantean Exile, it constructed a powerful sea faring Kingdom years before America was discovered, once they came into contact with the Atlantean Empire war and rivalries came in the surface, eventually they rejoined their old brothers and became the hot spot of political power of the Caribbean and America.
Pegasus1MGranted to the Atlantean Empire as war reparations, it an isle with a small population that holds some political influence of the southern part of the American continent.
Atlantean Free Cities - Perseus

Atlantean Free Cities - Corvus


Atlantean Free Cities - Lyra


Atlantean Free Cities - Corona Vorealis

Corona Vorealis

Atlantean Free Cities - Hercules


Atlantean Free Cities - Orion


Atlantean Free Cities - Cassiopeia


Atlantean Free Cities - Argo Navis

Argo Navis

Atlantean Free Cities - Lupus


Atlantean Free Cities - Draco


Atlantean Free Cities - Andromeda


Atlantean Free Cities - Pegasus


Geopolitical map


The Executive Branch of the Organization is task with the administration of the military forces and due to tradition, each city is given a Zodiac Geneal.  

Zodiac Generals
Established about two centuries ago at the Logos Dynasty, the Twelve Zodiac Generals where the usually the most powerful Children of Poseidon of their time and were a symbol of the fierce military Might of the Atlantean Kingdom and subsequent Atlantean Empire. This generals lead the military forces against the foes of the Atlanteans and became very influential figures in the Atlantean social circles, becoming more powerful than the Royal Family at one point.   Today, the title is now given by meritocracy rather than the strength of the super powers, The Aurora Council has also given each city of the Atlantean Free Cities a General having complete set of twelve Generals for each of the Twelve Cities.

Current Zodiac Generals

The Zodiac Generals are task with the protection of the Atlantean Free Cities as well as being the leading force of the military of the Nation.

NameZodiacCitySuper Powers?Small Info
Ablerus GardinerAriesLyraNoA confederated admiral that faces many of the modern pirate fleets near the coasts of Africa.
Isus MontenegroTaurusLupusYesA veteran of many battles, now close to retirement.
Tenes Sari HermantoGeminiCassiopeiaNoA talented Zodiac General with great fighting skills that grant her her current title.
Hyrtius ZeuxisCancerPerseusNoA clever tactician said to be the greatest Admiral of the Atlantean fleet.
Echion NeilLeonAndromedaNoThe younger Zodiac General in the current roster, newly ascended to his position.
Axion RahantasoaVirgoHerculesNoA general that had acted in several recent conflicts, primarily along side the Republic of Madagascar.
Helenus ArtemidoraLibraOrionYesA brilliant general and very powerful super human.
Lycaon DamiaScorpioArgo NavisNoShe was able to assist in many humanitarian crisis after a terrible tsunami hit many of the coasts of the the South East Asian countries.
Bienor EuphenesSagittariusDracoYesAlso known as the Gate Keeper of the Pacific, a Geneal with great skills and powers.
Nessus van BiljonCapricornCorona VorealisNoA veteran Zodiac General close to retirement now, it is said that his replacement will come soon.
Minos HeimAquariusCorvusYesKnown as The Elegant, his talking skills are only comparable with his cumin on battle.
Helen RosegardPiscesPegasusNoA talented General daughter of a small family of Generals that had held Pegasus in the last century.

Foreign Relations

As a Guarded Nation, The Atlantean Free cities enjoy great freedom to in terms of trade and diplomatic relations with other nations of the world, due to the Nation being spread all over the world, this has given the Nation the opportunity to stablish tied with almost every nation of the world. The confederacy statues also ensure that each city will have policies that will benefit them the most.   However, as Guarded Nation this means that migration is highly restricted in the cities and while in the last centuries the Cities had a big integration with many cultures around the world, now those ties that were formed in the past are being lost one by one due to the restrictions on migration, this has also caused the Nation to stagnate in grow in the last couple decades, it is estimated that the economy would need an influx of migration to maintain a steady grow but due to the restrictions on migration this has not been possible and as result, this has caused some tension between The Aurora Council and The League of Heroes.

Founding Date
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Guarded Nations
The League of Heroes

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