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The League of Heroes

Created along side with the UN, 26 June 1945, the League of Heroes recollect all the super humans that survived the war and unify them under a single vision, the maintenance of peace among the human and super human.   The Nations concerns was that the use of this individuals often time mean the death of countless lives, is estimate that about 100 million deaths that the war caused, about 30 million of them were made only by this individuals alone, so, as everyone suspected, the nation that holds the most of these individuals, would have the upper hand in the war, in the hypothetical third world war.   So a Charter was sign, the newly formed League of Heroes would take care of the super humans across the globe from that moment and now on, their task was to to surveillance super humans, neutralized them when necessary and above anything else, not interfere in the affairs of the rest of the worl, the League of Heroes will remain neutral in these affairs and only interfering when a super human threat was present.   However, this charter excluded two important nations of the world at that time,The USA and the USSR, as the newly emerged super powers of the war, this two nations were able to be excluded from this new organization and instead be free to administrate their super humans as they choose.


As of today, The League of Legends projects their power into three different bodies, those are Nova Spas the city where all super humans as relocated, The Autonomous Societies and the Guarded Nations, on each of these they operate under different levels and have certain power projection over then, in general, The League does not have much influence on Guarded Nations but it has auditory capabilities over then and if needed can interfere in matters regarding super humans.  

League of Legends influence of powers

Over the years the League of Heroes has experience several reforms that saw a total change on its structure and modus operandi, as years passed the organization became more decentralized, separating its powers into various branches that each fulfill a purpose in the geneal agenda of the organization.
The organization projects its power into three distinctive groups, Nova Spas the city state composed of super humans, the various autonomous societies over the world and the Guarded Nations, body states that held a important percentage of super humans in their population, on each one of these bodies, The League of Heroes holds certain power over them.

League of Heroes Influence
PowerNova SpasAutonomous SocietiesGuarded Nations
Civil ServiceYESNONO

League of Legends distribution of powers and administrative bodies

As of today the powers of The League of heroes is divided into different entities, some of these acting under different circumstances, in some cases The League is integrate firmly into this entities, in other is only has certain powers.

League of Heroes administrative bodies
PowerGeneralNova SpasAutonomous SocietiesGuarded Nations
ExecutiveHead Council: (Head Member -> Leaguer (Also know as Super Hero now discounted) -> SPE Department -> SPE AgentsMajor Office: Major of the cityDAS Office -> DAS Agents-/-
LegislativeSupreme Committee: President of Committee -> RepresentativeLocal SenateAssembly of AS-/-
JudicialSupreme Ruling Court; High Judge -> JudgeLocal Ruling CourtExterior Ruling Court-/-
AuditorySupreme Procuracy: General Attorney -> AttorneyLocal ProcuracyExterior ProcuracyExterior Procuracy
Civil ServiceGeneral Aid Service Office : President of Civil ServiceCivil Service Office-/--/-


Now that the Powers of the organization have been decentralized, the League uses a set of different institutions to project these powers.
The Head Members
They are effectively the rulers of the whole organization, composed of a council of eight members, they have the power to veto or deny any proposal or bill made by the other powers, however, ever since the early reforms of the organization, the head members had stayed away of the powers, only interfering in special cases. In the rare occasions the Head members had reunited to take a decision they usually do so with a majority vote systems, sometimes even allowing the participation of others members of the organization.   This members are chosen by the organization as well, being usually an hereditary tittle until one of the head members retires or dies, this is a topic of great controversy, resulting in some cases of corruption and priority of influences prompting a suggestion from the international community to made this title temporary or have more transparent protocols. None the less, the Head Members are respected members of the Organizations and they are seem as the head of the organization themselves.   Since the Fall of the last Super Villain, no new Head Members have been propose for the tille, despite some of them retiring or passing away. Only four head members remain.
  • Lady Wessex
  • Akhun The Second
  • Blaun Vlende
  • Ouren
These are the institutions task with making sure the laws, rules and regulations are followed and if the case is necessary, deal with the individuals or organizations that broke with said laws. This is the level were Super Heroes operate in the past, however now that they have been discounted, the SPE (Super Humans peace enforcers) is the organization following onto their steps. For the case of Autonomous Societies the DAS (Department of Autonomous Societies) office also has jurisdiction on this tier. For the case of Nova Spas, the city is not allowed to have its own law enforcer institution, in this case, only normal humans are allowed to be part of this institution for the city cannot train super humans to use their powers in any harmful way, only The League is allowed and they do it for the case of the SPE or DAS forces. For the case of the Guarded nations, they are allowed to uses their own law enforcers institutions but as Nova Spas, the super humans in their boundaries are not allowed to be part of said institutions.  
The organization uses a set of different parliaments that each operate in different scopes, the duty of this institution is to propose and vote for or against bills and reforms that can have an effect in any of the different bodies The League if formed with. Supreme Committee operates in all the organization and is considered the most important legislative body of the organization.
Supreme Committee Parliment Distribuition
Nova Spas posses the local committee that focuses on the city and its citizens.
Local Committee Parliament Seats
The Autonomous Societies have the Assembly of AS that is formed with various representatives from this various groups.
Assembly of AS Parliament seats
Finally, the Guarded Nations are allowed to each have their own version of this institutions.  
The institutions of this branch are task with interpreting the laws and prosecute all law breakers, for each body the League has an institution. The Supreme Ruling Court operates within the whole organization, the Local Ruling Court operates within Nova Spas and the Exterior Ruling Court operates for the Autonomous Societies. Just as in the two previous cases, the Guarded Nations are allowed to have their own version of this institution.  
This is an special institution that verifies that all other institutions are doing their work as intended and are not under self interest or corruption. If necessary they can sanction this institutions or members of them as well as impeach when necessary, although these actions are rare they have been imposed in the past. The Supreme Procuracy acts in the whole organization, the Local Procuracy acts in Nova Spas and the Exterior Procuracy acts in both the Autonomous Societies and the Guarded Nations, althoght is important to note that in the case of the Guarded Nations the capabilities of the institution are more limited.  
Civil Service
This is another special power only acting on Nova Spas and the Organization as a whole excluding the Autonomous societies and the Guarded Nations, they are task with making sure super humans are integrated in society, making sure of their well being and physical and mental health is optimal. In the case of Nova Spas, this organization makes sure all citizens are able to speak english for clear communication, to make intermigration activities to make sure they can respect the others cultures present in the city and to provide them with shelter and education if needed. For this they use a set of more institution for each item required. They administrate many of the educative institutes around the city as well as offering strong social programs to make sure all citizens are emplaned. For shelter they employ expansion projects to build apparent blocks for their citizens.  

The Super Humans

This terms is refereed to any super human with capabilities that wo well beyond a normal human's characteristics, these individuals have always being present in civilization and in many cases have shaped history for the good or for the worse, but they were always a strange, mysterious and distant aspect of civilization, uncomprehended and outcast, they would be refereed as gods, demigods, demons, angels, spirits and much more.   Today, they represent roughly 10% of the global population with about 200M super humans in total, most of the are under the jurisdiction of The League of Heroes or the CODAST but many more have choose different paths.  

Super Heroes

Main Article Super Hero   While in the past they use to be known as gods, demigods, chosen ones, avatars and much more, they were individuals with incredible powers that align themselves on one side and ended in the victorious part of history and thus being portrayed as the good ones. Today, they are generally refer as individuals that seek the well being and protection of the humans, in the case of The League of Heroes, through the control and administration of super humans making sure they do not cause any harm to the general population.

Super Villains

A term born shortly after the World War 2, the world was rebuilding but at the same time it was being divided between the two global super powers, in various parts of the worlds conflict was a state of reality and in these dire situations it was common for several super humans to developed a hatred for humanity, for the global super powers or for The League of Heroes for what ever reason, many of these super humans would organized themselves and thrive in the chaos of the war and fear of total annihilation of the Cold War. They would seek to take vengeance, to destroy and to damage any of the previous mention organizations for various reasons and in the process being targeted by the authorities of the world, most notably the League of Heroes and the American and Soviet Super Heroes.   Many of these individuals gained several reputation some even developing rivalries with other Super Heroes, in the admits of the battle the media would portrait then as a battle of good and evil and would take the opportunity to polarized the conflict and simplify the reasons of both sides. The most well know Super Villain was Ivory Velvet know after as the Last Super Villain.

Super Villain

Untitled by Samantha Mash

Rogue Super Heroes

  After the fall of the last Super Villain, the Super Heroes were discontinued and the title was no longer in use, however, many of the noble ideals of justice and truth still resonate to this day on some super humans around the world that had decided to take the title for themselves and try to fight crime, injustice and seek the truth, these actions are a direct violation of The League of Heroes laws and thus, these Rogue Super Heroes are considered criminals by then, even thou their actions usually led to the general well being of the society.

Autonomous Societies

Main Article Autonomous Societies   They are small communities of super humans located on one or various geographical zones, while these communities have existed since the birth of civilization, once the League of Heroes was born it was task with making sure these societies would not cause any harm and at the same time protecting them from any exterior threat. Today, several Autonomous Communities answerer to the League and have various degrees os relations, from close allies to less than cooperative ones.  

Rogue Societies

  As before, these are small communities of super humans that had decided to decline the intervention of the League of Heroes and have adopted a more secluded relation with the world in general, while most of these societies tend to be very isolationist and do not want any relationship at all, some others have acted and broke the laws of The League of Heroes, taking part in the world wide affairs, some even are criminal organizations that have contacts conflict with local authorities which had prompted the imminent intervention of The League of Heroes.  

Guarded Nations

Main Article Guarded Nations   Is common for all body states of the world to have a super human population, however some have such a great percentage of super humans that they are now a part of their own identity, for this, The League of Heroes have declare these nations as Guarded Nations, they still obtain much of their own self sovereignty but are audited in therms of population control and migration control.  

Geopolitical Overview

The rough location of all three main bodies of The League of Heroes: Nova Spas, the Autonomous Societies and the Guarded Nations.  

Public Agenda

Neutrality above all else. The Main agenda of the organization is to make sure to not interfere in any conflict or interest regarding any nation around the world, the impact that super humans may have on other body states must be left as minimum.   Following this main goal, The League must also guarantee that super humans do not pose a threat for other nations of the world or the people of such nations, as such they are allowed to use whatever means necessary for that goal, being the use of force or the relocation of those super humans.


The League of Heroes was created along side the UN, 26 June 1945 as an organization task with making sure no super human were to pose a threat for other nations and the world, in order to guarantee neutrality on the organization, it was initially formed by eight super humans from all the different sides of the war.  

The Founding Members

They are the original eight members that run the organization and expand it in the subsequent years.  
The super human chosen by the USA to be part of the League, due to him being a Native American from the Navajo Nation, in the later years with some self interest Atsa was able to include his people under the jurisdiction of The League, excluding the Navajo Nation from the influence of the USA and the control of their lands.  
The super human chose by the USSR. A mythical Soviet Sniper with more than 3000 confirmed kills, only 16 when the war began, she was an inspiration to all Soviet women and girls and soldiers on the battle field, she was a great patriotic symbol and swore to protect its nation until death.  
The Knight of the King
The super human chosen by the UK. Using the legendary sword of King Arthur himself, Mary Myers took the mantle of his dead husband after a battle with the Nazi Super Human Trauerntanzen, no one noticed this until the end of the war.  
Agne Noir
The super human chosen by France. An angel, while Angel and Demon were relatively rare, appearing one every a hundred years in some part of the world, Agne Noir was a peculiar one being an angel with black wings, many considered him to be a bad augury regarding the fall of France, however he fought with bravery and determination to free his nation and at the end gain the love of its people.
The super human chosen by Germany. One of the very last German super humans to survive the war, when most Germans super humans preferred the death rather than join the League, she was the only one that step up and accepted, she was mistrusted by many members on The League, but she proved to be interested in the greater good and was an important part on the growing of the organization.  
The super human chosen by Italy. The last living member of the Guardia d'oro, he decided to join the organization using his image and influence, just as Lieblos he proved to be an important member thanks to his incredible mathematical skills.  
The super human chosen by Japan. Just as in the case of Germany, Ayakashi was one of the very few super human that survived the war, under the instruction of his Emperor, he would served the League and make sure to follow its laws.  
A native from Africa, he was enlisted by in the french colonies, but due to his status as super human was quickly move to the front lines when he soon gain a lot of popularity, at the end of the guard he was condecorated by the French army and was given the status of national hero.
  League of Heroes general timeline


  • Map of Political Overview

    The geographical position of Nova Spas, Autonomous Societies and Guarded Nations.

  • Map of Entente Island

    The Isle Directly administrate by The League of Heroes, this is the place where all super humans that do not belong to any community around the world are sent.

  • Map of Nova Spas
Founding Date
26 June 1945
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
LoH, The League
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Part of The Organization
Nova Spas
Autonomous Societies
Guarded Nations

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Articles under The League of Heroes

  • 1946

    Foundation of the League of Heroes

    Foundation of the League of Heroes, led by the Original eight Founding Members

    Related article
  • 1948


    Expansion of the Organization, they began to accept new recruits into their ranks, the term, Super Hero is adopted by the media as a way to mitigate the overall negative perception of super humans across the world.

  • 1951

    First Reform

    The organizations comes into its first mayor reform, creating new administrative bodies, among them the SPE Forces and the DAS Office to administrate the newly term Autonomous Societies

  • 1954


    The organization expands adopting the term of Guarded Nations, bodies states with a considerable amount of super humans in it, this Nations act like any other nation in the world, but its super human population is closely regulated by The League and their father nation, they also have certain restrictions, primarily in migration and movement of individuals.

  • 1957

    The rise of Super villains
    Construction beginning/end

    The Organization enters in a Global stage against the growing threats of super humans known as super villains, embellishing specialized prisons for them, they also create a new categorization system for super humans on levels, 0 to 5.

  • 1962

    The Broke out

    The League suffers its first major break out with many of the Soviet Super Heroes leaving the organization due to the Cuban Missile Crisis that divided The League Head Members.

  • 1964

    Second Reform

    Due to the growing corruption in the organization and miss use of founds, the organization comes into its second big reform, establishing and separating the powers, creating three new powers: Executive in the Head Council, Legislative in the General Committee and Judicial on the Ruling Court, this reform came with the integration of a new constitution that make a bigger difference from super human threats and non super human threats.

  • 1965

    The begining of Nova Spas

    After a massive exodus of various super humans across the world due to their status as pariah, the League of Legends decided to take protection of them, locating then in an humanitarian camp on Entente Island, an island habited by about 5000 people, the UN and the League of Heroes comes into an agreement with the French Government to cede the island to The League.

  • 1969

    Second Broke out

    The American super heroes leave the organization in order to complain with the American Government interest, from now on no Soviet or American super heroes act inside the organization.

  • 1972

    Foundation of Nova Spas

    The camp on Entente Island grows exponentially, The League takes the opportunity to move all its infrastructure to the island and found a new city in which to hold all its administrative bodies and super humans that do not belong to any Autonomous Society or Guarded Nation. Nova Spas is Founded.

  • 1975

    Popularity of the League

    The League grows ever more in popularity with its Super Heroes members becoming great images around the world, battling alongside the American and Soviet Super Heroes against the many super Villains of the world.

  • 1976


    Nova Spas grows ever more reaching now one million habitants and having a booming economy, a new administrative body is formed, the General Aid Service Office, dedicated to provide help in the integration of the incoming super humans with the city alongside the establishment of educational institutes in all educational ranges. Nova Spas is now granted the status of Micro State and is given new rank in the Organization, separating now Nova Spas, Autonomous Societies and Guarded Nations.

  • 1980


    Nova Spas reaches two millions habitants due to constant immigration, The League creates a massive expansion of their administrative bodies, dividend then into different tiers for each of their administrative focus, One General body, one for Nova Spas and one of the Autonomous Societies, while the Guarded Nations still had their administrative freedom. The General Procuracy office is established alongside the tiers of the other two.

  • 1982


    The League suffers a major scandal of corruption on its high ranking members, the organization and many of its members of the executive branch are replaced and very few receive any significant punishment.

  • 1984

    New Head Members

    After long trials and the risk of being disbanded, many of its members take the decision to leave service and let a new generation of executive officers came into action.

  • 1989

    The Entrance of Ivory Velvet
    Life, Crime

    The reignition of the two global super powers getting into war also uncovers the presence of a massive worldwide plan of action from a dangerous super villain, known as The Ivory Velvet.

  • 1991

    Fall of the Last Super Villain and third reform
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    The efforts of The League to stop Ivory Velvet have succeed and ends in a massive battle in the Artic circle, the disintegration of the Soviet union is inevitable and a massive restructuring of the organization follows, Ivory Velvet is given the title of The Last Super Villain and the League performs a third reform in which Super Heroes are discounted. The Newly formed Russian Federation losses all its rights to hold super humans and now only the Organization and the USA can administrate super humans.

  • 1992

    A new era

    Nova Spas grows ever more now reaching status of global economy, the city makes great efforts to integrate all the different communities within the city. Many of the now retired super heroes leave the organization seeking now different horizons while the SPE forces continue with their previous task.

  • 1993

    Prison Break
    Disaster / Destruction

    An outbreak in the End Fortress Prison leads the SPE forces to act quickly and reintegrate all the interns that escaped the prison.

  • 1998

    The last prisoner
    Life, Crime

    The last intern from the End Fortress Prison is caught. Nova Spas enters in a state of great stability and grow now thanks to the great booming economy of the world and the great success of the organization in the last years.

  • 2001

    Staying Neutral
    Military action

    The League faces strong international pressure to enter into international war conflicts in different parts of the world that are believe to be involve with super humans, for the most part until proven otherwise the organization stays neutral.

  • 2010

    The Fourth Reform

    The League performs a fourth and relatively minor reform in which it reduces its reactionary actions of the SPE forces and pushing more civil reforms at the city.

  • 2020

    Life, Death

    The President of the League of Legends General Committee commits suicide admits the beginning of a war between two autonomous societies.


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