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Nature People

  The Nature People is the name of a sub race of the human kin that inhabit the deeps of the Amazon jungles and rain forest, they remained unknown to the world until recently discovered in 1973 by illegal smugglers that roamed in the area, the first initial contacts were really violent, after being discovered that they had traits of super humans, The League of Heroes decided to intervene and catalogue then as an Autonomous Society initially but after establishing more peaceful communications they discovered the true extend of their society and decided to make treaties with the Nations that bordered the Amazon. Each one witll give a portion of their land in order to conceive all the different Tribes that conformed the Nature People, a new Nation was form and was adopted by The League as a Guarded Nation.

Basic Information


Nature People are very close to most humans, especially the Native indigenous people from South America, the most notable difference is their animal traits such as horns that are varied on then being more of a heredity trait and eyes that in most cases resembles a feline's eyes, their canine teeth are more pronounce, their nails are stronger and grow way faster and is common for then to sharp them.  

Nature People 2

Tiefling Monk by WhiteAerios

Male Nature People

Nature People 1

Female Nature People

Ecology and Habitats

They had adapted themselves to the living in the jungles and rain forest, None of the Nature People had move outside of their habitat so is easy to assume they may not be too prepare for other environments such as cold weather of dry and hot areas.  

Dietary Needs and Habits

They have an extensive source of food on their environment that they use to the full, eating from fruits to seeds and meat including insects, creating their own culinary out of these ingredients, some common dishes they eat are:  

  • Pink Stew: A stew made of boar and some fruits that give it a pink skin like tone
  • Roasted Turkey: A special turkey roasted, in an rock oven while the inside is full of fruits and some flowers
  • Soup of Insects: A soup made with ants, worms and termites, accompanied by some wild sugar and acid fruits and seeds

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Different Tribes of Nature People can be found on the deeps of the Amazon rain forest, some individuals have been seem at least in the jungles or Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. After being established as a Guarded Nation, boundaries were made for the Nature people that extended a considerable portion of the Amazon, this boundaries covered all the Nature People Tribes that they stated in the negotiations, however is difficult to place a location for each tribe since the Nature People had only given a statement and not a precise location of each tribe.  

Map Nature People

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Just for their appearance alone they are considered Super Humans by The League of Heroes, however after more close inspections, it was discovered this individuals have more special traits that compared to a normal human being, is closer to a super power than a normal inherited trait.  

  • Enhanced Senses: Their hearing and sense of smell is more acute to normal humans, their eyes can see farther and better in darker conditions, however is common for then to be colorblind.
  • Above Average Strength: They seem to be much more stronger than normal humans, but not so much that could be considered a proper super power, it is considered this traits is part of their biology and supported by their diet.
  • Athletics and Aerobatics: They have great stamina and agility that allow them to move swiftly through all the lush environment either on the ground or jumping from tree to tree and their swimming capabilities allows then to withstand several and heavy periods on the water.
  • Resistance to Toxins: The Amazon is full of venomous and poisonous elements, the Nature People had acquire a resistance to toxins, they may not be immune but are far more resistance than normal humans and have developed several treatments for each type of toxin they may encounter.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Each individual is given the name of their tribe plus one additional from their parents, once the individual has reach adulthood they gain an additional name base on their most notable trait.   So a Child born in the White Moon tribe may be called Elirn Ishka, once the child reaches adulthood they gain a new name, supposedly the child has shown great bravery (Caswoto) they would be called Elirn Caswoto Ishka with the name of tribe always at last.

Major Organizations

The Tribes

Although the Nature People are seem as one unify set of tribes, in reality they are a conglomerate of dozens of tribes, each tribe has its own autonomy but answer ultimately to the King. Some have make little to no contact with the exterior world this make it difficult to know really how many tribes there are and whether or not they know what kind of relation they have with the exterior world. In that regards, the White Moon Tribe have make communications and updates with the bigger Tribes.

Tree Houses

Nature People Tribes

The Kingdom of Nature People is a conglomerate of different tribes, although each acts on their own authority, everyone must still answer and pay tribute to the King of the Nature People.

Tribe Name(Translation)Original Name TribeSmall InfoEstimated Population
White MoonIshkaThe Current ruling Tribe of the Nature People, their domains are the biggest and generally most prosperous of the whole conglomerate, they lived a small metropolis in the highs of a portion of the Amazon filled with giant and ancient trees.100.000
Yellow MoonAsikaThe rivals of the Ishka Tribe, according to the words of some of the representatives, they had have some clashes and small wars in the last couple decades. They tend to wear bones of various animals as part of their clothing.80.000
Yellow LeafAsitaThey were the first ones to make contact with the rest of the world, they use crowns made of yellow and orange leafs.67.000
Boar in the RiverBatu ni LakaA Tribe that had build their community in big moving rafts making their domains moving around the rivers of the jungle.50.000
Butterfly GuardiansOkumaA very religions Tribe whose domains are filled with various butterflies flying around, they have created a small symbiotic relation with then, the Butterflies are poisonous and wile the Nature People protect then and feed then, they also harvest these butterflies and used then in various dishes and medicines.42.000
Black JaguarMii NaraA Tribe that lives in a complex network of subterranean tunnels, using glowing mushrooms for illumination and big coal mines to heat the cold deeps of the tunnels. They have a reverse activity cycle, being active in the night rather than the day.39.000
GoldJalThe tribe with the biggest deposits of Gold in their domains, while they do not harvest it in big quantities, they use more gold in their clothing than any other tribe, due to this, they suffer severe incursions by illegal miners and encounter often result in violence.32.000
Blue FrogNorikiA Tribe that harvest the poison of various animals and use then to create potent hallucinogens they use for religions reasons, because of this their bodies are almost immune to these poisons.29.000
Bird SingerAatholA tribe that moves graciously on the trees, they have develop a means of communications using various birds sounds, they have learned to intimate most tones produced by the birds and as a result, they lived in tall tree houses and wear colorful feathers on their clothing.28.000
MudKuThis tribe use body painting composed of mud and ashes, they also build their houses in Clay and have developed knowledge about architecture as a result, while small, their fortifications have allow then to defend themselves from other tribes and incursions of Smugglers and traffickers in the jungle.27.000
RebirthAl TadhanConsidered by many as the most fanatical Tribe of the conglomerate, they tend to be very conservative and have no tolerance for religions deviance, this tribe believe in the Rebirth Cycle of the Moon God and devoted their lives to these ideals defending then with fierce when ever put into question.23.000
TravelerTara NiiThe only nomadic tribe of the conglomerate, they travel from all the amazons passing their established boundaries and in some ocasions making contact with other humans.10.000
Minor TribesIt is believe there are more tribes distributed in their domains, however these are rather small and have not as much representation for the Nature People, according to their words, some of these tribes have not make contact with the Humans in centuries and even with the other Tribes in decades.100.000

Geopolitical Map


The Moon Sages

Regardless of tribe, the Moon Sages serve the Nature People as their spiritual guides, they do not answer to any tribe but are an independent body in the society of the Nature People and don't intervene on political matters, they are the historians and teachers of the society.   They don't have power on the political stage but they are the responsible of proclaiming the new Kings of each tribe through the ritual known as Moon Birth, if the new King pretender does not passes this ritual they may not be allowed to rule.   However, they most characteristic trait is that all its members are Albinos, with white hair and pink or reddish eyes, they skin tones are generally darker close to black tones rather than pales, for the Nature people this individuals are blesses by the Moon Lord and are destine to serve the God.

Moon Sage

Cover by Even Amundsen


League Representatives

The Nature People are very isolated and had refused to assist to many of the various reunions and talks the League have propose for them, this has made communications and the establishment of any kind of relation very difficult, only until very recently they have agreed to send a small group of representatives to The League into the Supreme Committee and despite of that, they have very little interaction with other representatives or participation in the forums.

Average Technological Level


The way the Nature People keep the knowledge is through the use of looms, they have develop a system on which they created patterns on the cloth to print their ideas and concepts in it. They use pictographs as a way to expression and communication accompanying them with some other abstract symbols that change their meaning depending on the context. these symbols may represent a time, a place or a question.   The Heart Tribe states to have a Loom of history narrating events from at least 500 full moon cicles ago (~515 years), this could be the oldest historical document of the Nature People, although many of their legends and teachings narrate events at least 2000 years ago.




The Nature People had access to metals such as iron and gold, their exploration is still small but they had understood the great value of it and have develop the knowledge and technology to forge it. Their soldiers and armies have adopted the use of iron in their weapons, bu they have refused to use it as protection since most wars are fought on complicated terrain and not in a direct confrontation but rather through the use of guerrilla tactics in which speed and maneuverability are key aspects.   The gold is reserved for the economy, the Nature People have adopted the use of metal currency, this however is a recent event, according to their words, they adopted this system no more than 50 full moon cycles ago (~40 years)

Metal Ore


Domestic Stock and Flora

The Nature People have learn to domesticate plants and animals, they have a controlled population of Camu Camu (rumberry), Maracuya (Passion Fruit), Acai, Bacada, Cupuazu and Aguaje, they also have a controlled plantations of sugar cane, meaning they have some sort of contact with the exterior world at some point in the past.   In Fauna they have corrals for boars and turkeys, other animals they farm are insects like worms, ants and termites, they still hunt other animals in the jungle like bears, jaguars, caimans, anacondas and most commonly, fishes. They have successfully domesticate other animal such as Macaws, Monkeys and Tucans, is not rare to see big communities of these animals living along side the Nature People.  



Major Language Groups and Dialects

The Nature People speak their own language as they call it "Earth Tongue" or in their own language "Ashka Anii" This languages is only spoken since the Nature People does not had a writing system, it has strong regional variations as well, meaning the fattest a tribe is to each other the less likely they are going to understand each other, in General, two Tribes that are located in extreme opposites of the boundaries of the Kingdom will have very difficulties in communication. In the last decades however, since the discovery of the Nature People and the ever growing relation of the Guarded Nation and the exterior world, the current reigning family is trying to unify the language to strength the unity of the conglomerate.

Common Dress Code

Each tribe have their own style of dressing code but the consistent clothing everyone uses is a cloak that cover their body up to the quills or hips, it is made of cotton, this cloak is especially cover of aloe vera from trees to make them water resistant and to bear to constant humidity of the rain forest, these cloaks are made with different pasterns and colors to identify them from each tribe, family member and even their profession.   Under these cloaks they use light cotton clothing, commonly white, on their feet and hands they wrap some cotton bandages and reinforce them with fiber plants so they may have a better grasp in the terrain and protect themselves from bites and stings of venomous animals.


On the higher classes of the tribes is common to use in addition to the long cloak, another smaller made of fur from any of the animals found in the Amazon, most commonly the jaguar, bear and even some avian like eagles. As for the nobility, the gold is used primarily as accessories, is common for the them to adorn their horns with rings fit to them, they also use gold rings and for the Kings of each tribe, they use a Crown especially made to fit their horns, this crown is made to enhanced the size and look of the horns.   In the case of vanity, they may wear accessories made of leafs, flowers and colorful feathers and butterflies, usually crowns, earrings and bracelets.Some tribes had adopted the use of corporal painting and perforations with bones. Is common also to adorn their main cloak with such materials.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Familyloom: Is common for each family to have a loom where they mark any important events on their lives, such a the born a of a new kid, their adulthood ceremony, the death of some member etc. The loom is started once a married has been born and is expanded until both husband and wife dies, some families like to keep each loom as family treasures and the Moon Sages as historians like to make copies of these looms and save them in their loom library, where is believe to be at least 2 millions kilometers worth of looms history, from the families alone.  

Loom Patterns

The Butterfly Road: Between the children a popular game is to make ground mural made of colorful components, most commonly flowers, butterflies and feathers, the kids make a mural with circular and square pasterns, once done is common for the mother or grandmother of the children to replicate the work on a cloth.   The Black Cloak: For Widows and orphans children is common to wear a completely black cloak to send the message, a parent may used a cloak with one black stripe for each children they may lost before reaching adulthood. If a children has lost one of their parents, they may use a cloak half black.   Disgraceful Horns:For individuals that had committed a great offense to the tribe, such a killing, raping and sacrilege, they are usually send to a prison but most specially, their horns are cut off. If the offense is lesser, like stealing, chantage or personal damages, only one horn is cut off. Although the horns may grow again, they will show a marking of being cut before revealing the possible offense to everyone.

Historical Figures

  • Mahana Kae Ishka: The first King of the Moon Tribe, he beat his rivals in combat one by one and gained the title of King of the Nature People, his dynasty has ruled ever since.
  • Elirn Deruko Asita: The first individual to make official contact with the exterior world, he was a traveler that wanted to travel outside the boundaries of the Nature People and meet the mysterious Fragile Man.
  • Elirn Za-Han Ishka:The first and for the time only representative the Nature People has send to hold a seat on The League Committee, he is accompanied by two more Nature People
  • Mahana Zeria Kaha: A revered figure for the Moon Sages, it is said he had such a touch with the Spirits he could talk to then directly.
  • Baran Khuna Asika; The previous King to oversees the Nature People before he was dethroned by the Ishka.
  • The Traveler: A mythical figure said to explored the Amazons, traveling through the jungle and gaining the power to speak with the animals, although he is known by most Nature People the Tara Nii Tribe worships him as a minor Deity.
  • Santa Mae Al Tadhan: A legendary Queen that ruled the Nature People for over centuries, initially she was a wise and benevolent ruler but as years passed she became more paranoid until inevitably submerging the Kingdom into a bloody war, considered by many Tribes as a warmonger, the Al Tadhan Tribe consider her some sort of saint.
  • The Moon Weaver: A Mythical Warrior said to create a loom so long it reached the moon and then he was able to recieve the blessing of the Moon Lord forever after.

Common Myths and Legends

The Nature People believe in various gods and personifications, such as spirits and minor entities, in general they have a big central Pantheon of Gods followed by major Spirits and a plethora of nameless minor ones, each Tribe will usually follow primarily a big central deity while others may follow the main pantheon. In general the religions beliefs of the Nature People is very decentralized.   The main preachers of these beliefs are the Moon Sages,their duty is to educate their tribe about all the various gods and entities that roam their land  

Main Pantheon

  • The Moon Lord: Is the common and major deity of the Nature People, he is the guardian of the race and protects them with its light of purity, he is represented with the body of a man with four faces representing each of the stages of the moon, his personality is changing as well depending o the mon stage, going from merciful to wrathful.
  • The Sun Lady: The Wife of the Moon Lord and the deity that gave birth to the Nature People, is represented by a woman with white longs hair. She is the protector of the children and the embodiment of emotions.
  • The River Daughter: One of the countless children of the Moon Lord and the Sun Lady, she was blessed from an early age, her hair grew so long and abundant she was able to create the rives that ran in the Amazon.
  • The Tree Maker: The guardian and protector of all flora and fauna in the Amazon, he guides and command all other Spirits and roams the land changing form into a tree or animal never showing himself to any other person.
  • The Lost caretaker: A son of the Moon Lord and a malevolent spirit that roamed in the nights, this god is the personification of death, poisons, illnesses as well as suffering and sadness, is represented by mix between man and animal, with black fur and a skull instead of face.
  • The Dammed: This god has no define gender or form and is the personification of those who are punish for their crimes, while it does not have a form is commonly represented by a chained man and is also use in many tales about justice and morals.

Major Spirits

The spirits are lesser beings that roam in the lands and hide, they are mostly nocturnal but there are some that roam in the day, while they are not as powerful as the main gods, they are none the less very powerful on their own, most of then don't have any alignment and can be from benevolent to malevolent. They are said to be children of the Moon Lord and Sun Lady primarily.
  • Spirit of Seduction: This spirit is said to give the people the desire of passionate love, however this spirit is said to also drive men and woman into lust and deviated behaviors, is represented by a naked woman in a black veil.
  • The Moon Children: A spirit said to be a son of the Moon Lord that was punish because he was too naughty, he has no define form but adopts the forms of albino animals, this spirit guides the fauna of the land and is unconcerned by the affairs of the Nature People. Although is not praised too often many huntsmen beg for his forgiveness when ever they kill an animal.
  • The Nameless Spirit: A daughter of the Sun Lady that brag to be more beautiful than her mother and was punish, she was made into thin air so no one would ever see her again, she is attributed to the wind and smells and is said that she gives the sweet scent to flowers. Many young ladies and woman give offering to this spirit in thank to the flowers and fauna of the land.
  • The Unborn Spirit: It is said one night the Moon Lord had fell in love with a mortal and he decided to spend one night with her, the next day the woman would be already in an advance state of pregnancy and thus the husband had gone mad at the discovery, he would kill his wife and the himself, whoever, the unborn child would not died but transform into an spirit, this fetus roams the land at the nights and looks for other children to eat, many people, specially mothers, gave offers to this spirit so their children are forgive for any miscarriage.
  • Spirit of Wrath: Is the embodiment of wrath, hatred and disgusts, is followed mainly by soldiers and usually has a negative connotation among its followers, they praised for the spirit to not consume their bodies in full wrath and in exchange their offer the spirit the blood of carnivores. Is represent as a man with the head of a Jaguar, Boar or other carnivore, its images changes depending on the tribe.
  • The Underlord: Considered to be an exile major deity, is was tasked with the guarding of the underworld, the world that holds the metals, rocks and minerals, although this spirit was never too worshiped, in the last decades, since the mining practices of the Nature People have grown, this spirit has gained more popularity. Is represent as a humanoid made of earth and mud.

Minor Spirits

The minor spirits are a conglomerate of hundred of minor entities, each tribe many believe in a dozen of these and some may even be very similar, while they are not actively praised, they are acknowledged in many prayers, it is said that some great men and women can transform into one of these spirits either as a rewards by the Major Gods or a punishment. Some of then may be a simple as the Spirit of small poodles or simple embodiments such as the spirit of forgetting, that makes a person forget something either small or important.

Nature People Flag

Native Amazonian
60 to 80 years
Average Height
from 1.6m to 1.8m
Average Weight
Between 60kg to 80kg
The League of Heroes
Guarded Nations

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