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[/section] In the deepest layers of the Lower Realms the ancient golems of my people are still guarding. Their masters are long gone but nonetheless they continue their fight against the Narkids. But what would happen when they are gone, will a Narkid infestation become inevitable?
— Yamaderis
  The Narkids are an insectoid race that live in the deepest layers of the Lower Realms. For a long time it was thought they were instict. None of the people of the Lower Realms who are in contact with the surface mentioned encounters with them in the last thousand years. But recent expeditions to the Lower Realms revealed that they are still there and still very much a threat.  

Extra Information

Scientific Name
suxera . nax (Suthera Nath)
They originate from the deepest layers of the Lower Realms but it is unkown why they first appeared.




  At base level the Narkid share several similarities with insectoids. They have 6 legs of which the two front ones are larger and have a serrated blade at the end. Their basic form therefore looks a bit similar to that of a mantis.   However, there are also some things setting them apart. They do not have a normal carapace but rather an exoskeleton made out of a strong bone like material. On top of this exoskelton there are parts that are covered in a crystal like substance which looks similar to Falls. As the Narkid have limited magical abilities it is believed that these crystals could indeed be Falls.  


  They are known to mainly eat the smaller creatures in the Lower Realms but they do take on larger creatures there when in group. In this case they swarm the target and plant their bladed arms deep in the creature's sides until it succumbs.  
Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge
Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge


  So far there has not been an encounter with Narkids outside of the Lower Realms. It is unknown if they would even be able to survive on the surface. As their origin is in the warmer deeper layers of the Lower Realms, scientist assume that they do prefer a bit warmer climate.  


  There is still quite a bit of mystery surrounding the reproduction of the Narkids. The current theory is that they actually reproduce asexually. What scientists gathered from explorer accounts is that at some point many Narkids merge together to make a large ball which is known as the Narkid Hive. New Narkids are spawned from it but nobody knows exactly how.  




  Where the Narkids really originate from is still unknown. Were it not for the recently discovered records in ancient Deep Gnome cities, people would have kept assuming they were always there in the Lower Realms.   The first record mentioning them is an report of an attack on the capital of Tanaria, the Deep Gnome empire. Not many other ruins of Tanaria have been found but within every ruin discovered so far the explorers found information on Narkid attacks.  

Fall of Tanaria

  From the found records we know that the Deep Gnomes put up a fierce fight and created several powerful golems to stop the advance of the Narkids. But shortly after the emergence of the Narkids all of Tanaria perished. Only one survivor is known so far, Yamaderis . He was able to put himself in cryosleep when the Narkids arrived and has only been recently awakened.   What happened at the end has thus far not been discovered. We only know that all Deep Gnomes are gone and that the Narkids retreated to the deeper layers. The golems that the Deep Gnomes made still ensure that the Narkids remain contained but sometimes a few manage to slip through.  

Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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