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Archonic Order

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    The Archonic Order is a faction from the Pavan Empire that has spread to everywhere the Archonism religion is followed. The group exists mainly out of clerics and paladins devoted to Indovir and the prophet warrior Archon. In current times the Order is tasked with protecting followers of Archonism and getting rid of any followers of Mackevism and other threats that are considered to be unnatural. Although in previous centuries non divine magic was fiercly rejected by the Order it has become at least somewhat accepted in current times.



  During the Pavan and Avaronian war the army already mainly existed out of people devoted to Archonism and Archon himself led these troops until his death. Afterwards while one of the sons of Archon took over the post of Emperor the other took control of the army. A position that would later be called the Archines. This setup lasted a while with the Archines always being a close family member of the Emperor. That was until the Siege of Bagor where the Darves, the Archines at the time, was killed with most of the army. Since there was no follower of suitable age or experience at the moment of his death a surviving general was named the first Archines that not descended from Archon.   After the fall of the Avaronian Empire the Pavans were mainly occupied with restoring the peace and bringing stability to both Pavanor and Farlis. The peace terms with the remainder of the Avaronian Empire stated that all conquered lands would be given to humans and that Mackevism would be banned. Some Avaronians chose to migrate to remote Avak'am instead.   The lack of trained soldiers made this rather difficult to enforce and the Pavans chose to grant independence to all lands besides their territories in current Varena. To ensure that this transition went well the Emperor gave the new Archines, Mardines, the order to gather a new force from among the Archonism faithfull. This was when the Archonic Order was officially created.  

The old order

The first form of the Order was very different from what it is now. The group was mainly an extension of the church that tried to spread Archonism through it’s clerics and ensuring that all Mackevist heretics were either converted or expelled from Farlis and Pavanor. Since most of Pavanor was already converted and rid of Avaronian rule for two centuries most of the actions of the Order were focused on Farlis. The headquarters of the Order was then located in Tharsis until the independence of Varena.  

Growth in power

In 523 AE the Emperor wanted to consolidate his influence over Pavanor after several cival wars had split the previous empire into many parts, some even ruled by other descendants of Archon. He decided to get the state and religion closer together in order to invalidate any other claims to his throne. The reformations ensured that the Emperor became the leader of the Archonic church while the army and the Archonic Order were forged together under the Irases, the new title for the Archines. This allowed the emperor to choose the succesor of the Irases and ensure his loyalty. The Archonic Order itself became a group of professionally trained soldiers of which many were being trained to become paladins. This elite force soon started to regain control over any territories that had been lost over the years. During this time period many mages were persecuted by the Order which forced many to leave the Pavan Empire.   However before starting his war on the mages the Pavan Empire decided to attack the nations ruled by the other descendants. The Emperor at that time did not see the end of the war but his successor continued. Emperor Sanvielires was young and powerful members at court used this to secure power for themselves. Among them were several powerful mages. When he grew older Sanvielires used the Archonic church to rid them of that power causing a civil war which was rather shortlived with many mages moving to neighbouring countries. Getting rid of the magic users, that had a lot of power in Pavanor countries, eventually caused several other wars on the continent. In the end the Archonic Order was able to rid Pavanor of non divine magic. With his most dangerous opponents gone the Emperor managed to consolidate the regions into the new Pavan Empire.
Founding Date
24 AE
Notable Members

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