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Alessa Santoris

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alessa is a redhaired woman that is stillĀ  rather young. Her face is filled with freckels. She wears her hair not too long but still enough to remain femine looking. Although she has a rather brutish character she has a pleasant roundish face and a delicate nose.

Apparel & Accessories

As a paladin she is almost always dressed in armor and if she isn't she likes to wear loose fitting clothes. On the shoulder plates of her armor an white icon of a winged tiger can be found, the sign of her religion, Archonism. Her steel armor is kept in a good shining condition although several scratches are cleary visible. Her favorite weapons is a warhammer which is adorned with the same winged tiger symbol.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alessa Santoris originates from one of the families following the Archonic belief. Altough it is still not the most widespread religion in Terios it has gained popularity in recent years. As she had always been more of a tomboy and fighter she decided in her teenyears that she wanted to train her combat skills. She joined the army for her training and excelled in it rather quickly. Her skills were quickly noticed by the local Archonic Church that asked her to be a paladin. She quickly decided to took the pledge and combine it with her work in the army. At the age of 19 war broke out with the Magi Covenant and she was drafted. Her knowdlege of divine magic made her an important member of her unit.   Her unit was send north towards Merividel with several others where they managed to repel the Magi Reinforcements. After hearing of the genocide in Savi a large part of the army including Alessa was sent back to Terios. During the battle of Varos Alessa got wounded and needed time to recover. Here she ended up with other people wounded during the war including Darlahne. Both of them got treated by Osric. Grateful for his service Alessa en Darlahne both travelled with Osric once the war came to an end.   The group decided to help the land recover from the war. When the king of Terios made his decreet to reward adventurers helping out they decided to travel to more remote regions and see what they could do. Later on they were joined by Emilio and Nimble after helping them to deal with Goblinoids. Once the Goblinoids were defeated the group decided to stay together and would later become known as the Azure Defenders.   The group became publicly known over time and perfomed several great deeds. After hearing about problems in the east and the arrival of the Archonic Order in Ostend , Alessa suggested travelling there. They decided to earn some more fame by fighting in the underground arena. Here she caught the eye of a very eager fan called Aiden. After joining the original group on an incursion into the doppleganger hideout she died in a fierce fight. Angry with the rest of the group she decided to leave and joined the Archonic Order.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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