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Sea Glowling Leaf

As I noted before, it seems that these leaves are used by "the Far Travellers" as a preservative for their food, mainly barley loaves and oats. If I understood correctly, they even have a kind of garden where they grow them floating along the sea. The Shuwei that showed me the leaves wrapped around the bread could have fooled me as it looked like any normal kind of large leaf from a tree.
— Fenrik Klovhernsman
Sea Glowling Leaf is a plant that was found by Fenrik Klovhernsman's expedition west in the lands of the Shuwei. According to him, it was available only in the harbour area where they had arrived and bought from a mysterious kind of people called "the Far Travellers" by the Shuwei. Klovhernsman has yet to see any of these "Far Travellers" but he thinks he has seen the leaves present on the sea's waters during his second travel to the west by going further north.

Apperance and properties

The Sea Glowling Leaf appear as a very large leaf, circa 1 meter in length and 0,4 meters in width. They float on the surface of the Great Sea in larger clusters connected to "stems". If one is not careful when navigating a ship can get caught in clusters of "stems" and leaves. Klovhernsman does not believe, however, that any experienced sailor or captain will miss these clusters due to the reflective shine the leaves have in the water.
In the matter of properties the leaves seem to keep moist enclosed and also prevent it from entering when the leaves are wrapped around an object. Dropping the leaves in water without any preparations to hold them together will still make the leaves return to their original shape. Drying the leaves gives a powder substance that the Shuwei, the people who showed Klovhernsman the plant, use for herbal medicine and seem to also in this form keep salt from being moisturised. The plant overall is, according to the Shuwei, like any other and nurtures itself with sunlight and a rich water environment but its true secrets of it remain with "the Far Travellers".
Water-based Plant
Geographic Location
Unknown, but encountered on the Great Seas
Preservative against moiusture

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