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Juliren Telarheart

His Magisty the King of the Telars and Telaron Juliren Telarheart

The King of the Telars... older than the rest of the rulers on The Council of Four Kings, his experience is valued by the king of Ravero. While the Nini does see him as a good ruler, both She and the Chief-king does not see the same qualities in him as the young king of Ravero. His ability to voice his opinion against the Nini and the Chief-king for their hostile words without reproductions says much about how good of a statesman he really is.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Oldest of the current rulers in Telamirein. He sits upon a sharp mind for rulership, but on one hand, he has little experience with warfare on the other, he has been able to handle his three larger neighbours with the utmost care and ability. Despite the lack of warfare and his high age, he is a champion amongst his countrymen. One of his most known feats is his riding skills, able to perform feats and stunts that others his age would not dare to even think of trying.

General Physical Condition

For a man his age, it shows little that he starts to reach his sixties. His agility and strenght mimicks that of his 25 years younger knights. He stands strong with his shoulders held high and centered. He leans a bit to the left when sitting and standing, most notable when he is in audience and has to sit on a throne or a chair with a high back.


The Kingdom of Telaron have had its ruler for two decades in which no war or conflict has arrived to the borders of Telaron. This peace is held the longest togheter with his father Renerian III for more than half a century. Juliren II Telarheart has fostered relationships all around him to keep it that way, which recently has lead to little gain unfrotunatly for the king since two of these long term relations have recently died. Juliren stands yet tall dispite these losses to the peace gained but with the recent rekindle of The War for Marlun the king might have to move out to war himself when even the Valdenwhik is threatend.
Current Status
In Telahem
Date of Birth
Summer 2487
Current Residence
Black, short cut, swiped to the left, well kept
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White but always somewhat sunkissed
1,72 m
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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