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Skipping to Level 3: Character Portfolio on WorldAnvil & Roleplay Challenge



  L   evel one. What? Who are you? Are you even an adventurer? Pfft. You look like a wannabe who just walked out of your mamma's kitchen, leaving your little rural hometown for the first time, signing yourself up for the Harbor Guard. Dream big, little one. And welcome to the most difficult part of the game. Getting to level 2...   Before the days of powercouples and DuoSolos, getting out of tier 1 (levels 1-4) was one of the most brutal experiences solo-wise. Many around-the-table games and other servers dislike these low levels so much that they just skip them altogether. Well, we like those levels here in the Dragonsmoke Archipelago, so we're keeping them around.   But we are offering a way to skip level 1 and jump straight to level 2 by earning 300 experience for creating a character backstory and posting it on the Discord server. You'll find details below and a full guide over in the character-ties-guide, section titled Character Backgrounds. We are also offering a way to skip level 2 and jump straight to level 3 by earning 600 experience for completing a Dragonsmoke Arrival Roleplay Quest. You'll find those details also below or in character-ties-guide, section titled Dragonsmoke Arrival Journal Entry.  
This extra 300xp & 600xp can be obtained once per character but can be obtained at any point in the character's career.

Skipping Level One

How do you do it? You'll start off by making a character and getting it approved. The validator who approves the sheet can then assist you by getting your character's log-thread set-up. Once you have your character's thread, you can head on over to the #character-journal channel and post your backstory in an embed. This embed should have follow this template:  
!tembed -title "<name> has a background!" 
-desc "Backstory"
-thumb <image>
  After posting your backstory in the #character-journal channel, link to it in your character's #character-logs thread and create a log file declaring you are taking the 300xp for skipping level 1. This log file should follow this template:  
!log "Created a [backstory](<url-link goes here>) and I skipped Level 1"
  After creating the log file, ping the validator role from within your #character-logs thread and you are good to collect your 300xp.  

Additional Boons

Now that you have a character and know how to make journal posts, it'll be easier to complete one of the challenges listed on our Roleplay Rewards page! Every time you complete the requirements for the Gain Bonus Experience Roleplay Challenge, you can gain an additional CharacterLevel*100 experience for adding a journal entry! These requirements can be found at Roleplay Rewards Challenge or can be pulled up on the server by using the following command:  
!rpout goalmed

Skipping Level Two

But what if I don't want to start at level 2, everyone knows that a class really gets good at level 3. Well then it sounds like you should check out the roleplay challenge titled Dragonsmoke Arrival Roleplay Quest. This challenge was made to help you get used to the base systems of the server and give you an opportunity to gain an additional 600xp. Information on this special arrival quest can be found at Roleplay Rewards Challenge as well as pulled up on the server by using the following command:  
!rpout arrival
  The final line item for this arrival quest mentions posting your session summary. You will want to to post this summary in the #character-journal channel. The session summary post should follow this template:  
!tembed -title "Dragonsmoke Arrival Journal Entry" 
-desc "Arrival session description"
  Link to the summary post from within your session and when you log your rewards in your #character-logs thread, ping a validator from within there to claim your additional 600xp.  
This means that if you create a character backstory for the level 1 skip and also complete this introductory RP quest to skip level 2, you will have the 900 experience needed to reach level 3!

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