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The Tritise on Normals and Runic Lords

It is a challenge, when a power suddenly rises out of nothing and causes the world to take a misstep. There are methods of trust building that are needed to be handled correctly. Authority boundaries that should not be crossed. Lives that are entrusted to be protected by the powerful. But what happens when this new power does nothing to help the weaker side?


It is with great sadness that the news has reached my ears of Tra'Mak's passing. He was one of the few who felt that the new power that he discovered could change the world for the better. It was, unfortunately, not to be. The only saving grace was that Tra'Mak passed before the outright bloodshed of those without the runic ability began. If he was still around, for what many consider to be the utter darkest time in history, he surely would have died from the horror that befell our people. And as much as I miss Tra'Mak, I am glad that he never had to see these events.


We are not here for the what could have been. We are not here for the we wish it happened this way. No. Both of these, and more, are now in the past and we should not dwell upon them. What we now must do is: Look to the future and how we will be! This is how Tra'Mak would respond to what has happened. This is what he would offer to us as advice. How do we move out of the darkness and back into the light? What is that first step that we must take? The answer is both easy, and terrifying in equal measures. But we must be bold with our steps so that we can build a stronger Soi̯ngan people. We must take our steps together so that we all come into the light united and free!


It is for these steps, and the light that we must build together, that I call upon both sides to put down their hatred and fear. It is for these steps that I beg of you all, heed the words of Tra'Mak as they are uttered through his daughter. It is for these steps that I implore everyone to follow and help me create that unity that will allow our people to thrive and create that future that can shine as bright as our dreams!

Feri by Midjourney
  • - - Tra'Feri daughter of Tra'Mak
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    Decree, Governmental
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