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The Forest Sprigan

The Forest Sprigan



Forrest Sprigan
by Midjourney

Species :Forest Sprigan
Height :4 - 7 feet
Weight :60 - 200 pounds
Habitat :Differing woodlands and forests
Behaviors :The smaller the sprigan, the more timid. The largest Sprigans are viewed as hostile to anything entering a wooded area that is normally not there as an interloper.
Notes :The forest sprigan is often viewed as a powerful creature and one to be respected.
  When the first sprigan was ever encountered, the Soi̯ngan people found it to be a mere curiosity. Looking like a human, albiet one very undernurished and with forest debritis stuck to it, the sprigan is a powerful creature that will defend its domain. It did not help that the first few sprigans were all of the smallest specimens known, as they are naturally a timid creature at this size with very little known of them.   It wasn't long before the other sprigans began patrolling the wooded areas around a city and the larger forests. The scientific community began to take notes and study the sprigan as they realized that the ones that seemed to be patrolling were quite a bit larger than the initial sprigan that were first discovered. Over time, a tentative peace was established as the Soi̯ngan learned to live beside the sprigan.   One of the benefits of living beside the forest sprigan was that the wooded areas were constantly replenished with new growth. One of the first lessons learned for the Soi̯ngan was that you just couldn't go into a forest and start chopping down any tree that you wanted. It took one time of the wrong tree to be "attacked" with an axe for the Sprigan to show how devastatingly strong they were. The broken bodies of those who went looking for wood was returned to the nearby city. This was not done in a "respectful" manner however. The body parts and pieces were hurled through the air from deep within the forest, it is believed from the spot of the conflict, and would land near a city's entrance. The sheer power that this demonstrated caused the people to panic and seek revenge.   Cooler minds prevailed, however, and the first attempts at communication were carried out. While it is still unknown how to fully communicate with the sprigan, an unspoken agreement was made and outcroppings of trees began to grow at the edge of the forests. These outcroppings were always in neat rows, and while the trees would vary, the size and order of them never did. To this day, the forest sprigan in particular are viewed with great respect and seen as a symbol of pure power.

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Aug 7, 2023 11:36

Usually sprigans and other similar creatures would be hunted down and peace wouldn't have been an option. I love how you took it off the typical path with that. Good job :)

Aug 8, 2023 02:42 by Tiqdreng

Cheers!   I have never really liked the "standard" sprigan approach. Make the sprigan attack on sight of anything not of a forest. I felt that there just *had* to be some that were intelligent enough to know that some form of "working relationship" was possible :)

Aug 26, 2023 04:25 by Molly Marjorie

I always liked forest-creatures that are nice until you mess with their trees. Good on the sprigans.

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Aug 31, 2023 02:10 by Tiqdreng

Cheers! It has always bothered me the way that things like Skyrim and others portray woodland creatures. As if Nothing that lives in the forest could be intelligent in any form. pfft.