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Chormoisa Yaizy

Chormoisa Yaizy - The Creation Festival   Chormoisa Yaizy takes place every six months and lasts for the entire last week of that month. It is held in a different city each year, and the theme depends upon what is currently the most sought after in the artistic world at the time.   For each Chormoisa Yaizy there is an honored artisan from the region of the hosting city. While the artisan can change based upon whatever the theme currently is, most of the cities will honor a single artisan for all three Chormoisa Yaizy events. Most of the cities feel that this is a small token of respect that their artisans deserve and the vast majority of the artisans agree.   The event will take on a different look for each season that the Chormoisa Yaizy is held. In the cooler month there is a lot of theme upon the more manual labor aspects of the theme that are typically performed during the warmer months. This way the visiting crowds can partake of the manual portions of an art without having to deal with the, sometimes, unbearable conditions that can occur. Likewise, the aspects of a theme that are typically done during the colder months will take place in the hottest Chormoisa Yaizy.   While it is not manditory for all citizens from all of the cities to attend a Chormoisa Yaizy, the hosting city will see its entire populace partake of the week long events with 80% of the world population visiting the hosting city at some point during the year. This makes the Chormoisa Yaizy a very large portion of a cities annual income, with roughly 50% of the projected income being spent to organize and create each of the three events for the year. It also leads to a dramatic demand for the artisan that is honored during the events and often leads to apprenticeships for the entire group that the artisan represents.

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