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Dreaming Bark

Few trees more ominous than those but there is something calming about those things. The peace of death and surety of the earth at your feet. No wonder the dark hate them so much.
  • A member of The Spooks tells a group of foreign adventurers about the strange Dream Bark trees.
Dreaming bark is found on dream bark trees, trees grown naturally under the ground with branches that snake throughout cave systems and offer sustenance to the creatures within. Dream Bark is a light purple bark that hums softly when the wind hits it, a sound often compared to the moans of the undead.    In recent years, Dream Bark has been researched (particularly by druids from the nation of Nephil) and, though it is only an export due to it's unique purple colour marking it as a sign of excitement and eccentricity, it has become a vital material in Kaechaek due to the way The Nocta Mori and The Quori are disgusted by the material and actively attempt to avoid it. This has led many individuals in Kaechaek to wear dreaming bark necklaces or clothes items as a point of superstition, though truthfully small quantities of dream bark do not dissuade truly committed creatures of the dark.    Dream Bark is collected by culling the dream bark tree and surgically removing it's many twigs and branches which are then frozen by ice magic until they take on a duller purple shade and fall away from the main tree. The danger of cultivating dream bark is mainly found in the danger of caves collapsing when a tree is removed.

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